WH Budget now requires SS # for tax credits!

So sane. So American. So overdue.

CNSNews.com reports:
The president’s budget requires that those receiving the child care tax credit and the earned income tax credit now must have a Social Security number to claim those tax credits.

“We talk about how to prioritize spending and how to look at programs that work and don’t work.  The childcare tax credit and the earned income tax credit. One of our proposals is that we are going to require you to have a Social Security number now to collect those,” White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Monday during an off-camera briefing.

“Why is that? Because I […]

Spartanburg Councilmen work to raise deputy pay across the board

WSPA reports:
The Spartanburg County Council is working to raise deputy pay across the board.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says they are in crisis mode when it comes to pay. Currently starting pay for a deputy is around $29,000. In the current budget proposal, council would raise that to nearly $38,000. Right now the Sheriff’s Office is short 26 deputies, and soon Sheriff Wright says they will have choose to only respond to high priority calls.

Now the issue becomes pay raises for deputies that have been at the department for 5 to 15 years.

Councilman Roger Nutt is now searching for a […]

Full tax increase proposed at Spartanburg County Council meeting

From Roger Nutt:

Tonight there was a full tax increase proposed at YOUR Council meeting! Did you see it? Do you know how your Rep voted? What was said about YOUR Deputies? You wont believe…..

Joint Spartanburg County/City Councils meeting re: Courthouse

If you did not attend, but want to know the latest on the courthouse, Roger Nutt has it for you!


Jeff Duncan on Trump Bills Signed so far

From Jeff’s FB page:

Congress has passed and the President has signed 14 bills that rescind major Obama era regulations. Regulations that significantly overreach on federal authority, hurt jobs, and run afoul of the Constitution. Here’s an overview of what we’ve done:

Improve American Energy

The Stream Buffer Rule (H.J. Res. 38) would have saddled mines with unnecessary regulations, putting up to 64% of America’s coal reserves off limits and threatening between 40,000 to 70,000 mining jobs.

The SEC Disclosure Rule for Resource Extraction (H.J. Res. 41) would have put an unreasonable compliance burden on publicly traded American energy companies, putting them at a […]

Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant speaking at the SCGOP Convention

This was a bold speech.

SCGOP 2017

It was an honor to speak with the fellow delegates at the SC GOP Convention. I'd like to thank all Republicans for your commitment to the cause of conservatism!

Posted by Kevin Bryant on Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Rick Quinn indicated. The Quinndom continues its fall. Who’s connected?

Almost everyone.

First, this story at the Post and Courier on Rick Quinn’s indictment today, he joins Bobby Harrell and Jim Merrill as House members indicted by David Pascoe.
State Rep. Rick Quinn has been indicted by the State Grand Jury on two misconduct charges and accused of a long-running scheme to hide millions of dollars his and his father’s businesses received from groups whose causes he worked to advance at the Statehouse.

Quinn, a Lexington Republican, is accused of failing to report more than $4.5 million from numerous, unidentified groups between January 1999 to April 15 of this year, according to the indictments. He is […]

SCDOT Commissioner term expired 11 weeks ago – but he’s not gone

This is our South Carolina SCDOT, the agency that Scott Talley, Rita Allison, Mike Forrester, Eddie Tallon, and Derham Cole all voted to send your tax dollars to – without any internal fraud audit because they just stopped doing them (Click here to read about that) …

… with continual theft, overpayments, conflicts of interest, and state resources used to work on private property (Click here to read about that) …

… and instead of insisting that legislation be drawn that would put make the SCDOT a cabinet agency instead of a  private slush fund for Hugh Leatherman and his ilk, some […]

Scott Talley’s constituents begin to sound off “A War on the Poor”

Here’s a letter to the editor in Sunday’s SHJ.  I don’t know Daniel, but we share “Woodruff” as our mailing address, in Scott Talley’s district.
A War on the Poor.

Our legislators just pulled off their own kind of shell game.

Well, our South Carolina legislators have won their three-year war on the poor by passing a gasoline tax hike, among other fee increases, to allegedly repair our roads.

What did they accomplish? If you have ever witnessed a skilled carny running a shell game, then you are familiar with what this group just pulled off. In my opinion, by twisting and turning the […]