Justin Bradley on Council and blueways

Guest blog by Justin Bradley…
In response to Dr. Colburn’s recent guest blog on blueways projects in the county, I appreciate Dr. Colburn contacting council about this issue and for always taking the time to be a voice in the community on important issues. As chairman of the Livability Committee, where this project was presented last month, I did want to clarify some information about these projects to ensure the most accurate information is considered by the public.

Council has not taken any action to approve this project, specifically these blueways access sites, at this stage – the group that presented at the March […]

Tom Corbin asks “HOW LONG should SC families work to pay taxes?”

One of my favorite Senators asks a very good question:


Ryan Colburn writes about County Council’s approval of blue-way access points

A guest blog by Ryan Colburn:

It has come to my attention that Spartanburg County Council has approved some waterway access points and is considering future access locations and parks along the South Tyger River.


As a taxpayer and long-time resident, I don’t think the proposed blue-way access points and walking trail is a good investment for the county, nor do I think that the funds needed to maintain these parks is in the best use of county funds.

Good jobs, low taxes, and individual opportunities are what “increase the quality of life for residents.” Low taxes and operating costs bring businesses […]

York Senator Wes Climer on Gas Bill

Wes Climer defeated long time RINO Wes Hayes in the last election, good guy!  Here is his assessment of the current state of the gas tax bill from his website:

The Senate debated several amendments to the Roads Bill (H.3516) last week and will return to that debate when session reconvenes Tuesday.

What’s in the bill?
A detailed summary from the Revenue & Fiscal Affairs Office is available via bit.ly/H3516FiscalSummary. Key components include:

Increasing the gas tax $0.02 per year for six years for a total increase of $0.12 by 2023.  When fully implemented, the gas tax increase is projected to raise […]

Congratulations new Spartanburg GOP County Officers!

Another convention behind us, and I’m extremely excited about our new leadership team.  Despite some hinky campaign tactics by the Beltram minions and puppets a clear mandate was given to Josh Kimbrell and his team.

(How many times do you have to lose a county election by over 70% to get the message – we just don’t like you?)

Here are the results:
(and aside from the Beltram puppetry, there were a few very nice candidates who ran and did not prevail; I look forward to working with them on projects in future!)

Josh Kimbrell 139
Curtis Smith 100

Todd Brents 176
Rick Beltram 63

Joshua Strange 155
Margaret Fullenwinder […]

Jonathon Hill shares SCDOT malfeasance

From Jonathon’s FB page:
This, folks, is why I cannot raise your gas taxes. I have heard this exact allegation against SCDOT from a separate source who has a relative working for the department. The following is copied from a comment someone else made on another post:

“I worked for SCDOT for 15 YEARS…. More money will mean a lot more waste if the DOT isn’t reorganized. Money is wasted on worn out equipment utilization (where each piece of equipment has to have a set amount of milage or hours per month.) Therefore trucks are ran up and down the road just […]

The. Local. Government. Fund.

As a recap, the local government fund is a law passed in Columbia that mandates a portion of a county’s tax be sent back to the county (after the county sends it to Columbia) to pay for services that Columbia mandates the county provide.  Like law enforcement, code enforcement, judicial services, and much more.

For years now your legislators in Columbia have worked a gimmick in the budget each year lowering the percentage of money coming back to the county while keeping the services mandate in place.  For a review, here are a few posts from the past, I particularly like […]

Joint city-county government facility gaining support

Robert Dalton at SHJ reports:
A majority of Spartanburg County Council members said Monday they plan to support building a new courthouse and joint city-county government facility.

Those buildings are among six new public facilities that Justice Planning Associates studied for the city and county of Spartanburg. The total project is estimated to cost $216.8 million.

Spartanburg County Administrator Katherine O’Neill told council members Monday that consultants met with teams of county employees to determine if the plan should be revised before a final draft is presented. The final report will be presented to County Council on May 22 with the latest numbers […]

Some Shady Stuff happened back in the day in the Spartanburg GOP

As our convention approaches on Saturday, it seems appropriate that some of the less savory history of the Spartanburg GOP be revisited as many folks were not around back in the day.  Sometimes you have to “look back” to discern the best path forward, and players and puppets of a past shady regime really should be given a “no thanks”.

First Premium News Network reports on accusations that surface year after year after year with no substance. Curiously, the author of those accusations was indeed the author of such acts.  Take a look…
During the 2009 reorg, Beltram refused to share information […]

Courthouse Study has arrived!

Diane Lee at WSPA.com reports:
Spartanburg County is a step closer to asking taxpayers to help solve an expensive mold problem and now we know just how expensive it might be.

Consultants told the county today it would likely cost $216 million dollars to replace a county courthouse plagued with mold and safety problems.

But that pricetag extends to other buildings, too. And despite the looming penny sales tax increase to pay for it, there’s little opposition to be found.

Councilman Roger Nutt acknowledged the $216 was unexpected and “substantial,” but he said “I definitely support fixing the courthouse. Number 1. The others, I […]