A sad goodbye to our friend Don Dean

I learned that Don Dean passed away at home yesterday, he’d fought cancer for 25 years.  He had an amazing story about his unique health situation, you can read about it here.

I met Don some years ago, volunteering for a campaign.  He did some door to door work and sign waving.  But I remember two particular afternoons that he and I spent together painting some signs.  LOTS of signs!  So we had a lot of time to chat.  He was a great conversationalist, and I learned so much from him about growing up in Spartanburg … his time in the service […]

Donna Hicks and “Soap Opera Politics”

Hysterical letter to the editor in today’s SHJ by Julia Allen (who I do not know):

Removal of the Confederate battle flag from the S.C. Statehouse grounds was known to be a polarizing topic, eliciting strong feelings, both pro and con. Having empathy for both sides, I personally don’t have a dog in this fight.

Enter poor Donna C. Hicks. Sure, she is District 37’s elected representative in Columbia and required to pick a side. But don’t people know they shouldn’t “besiege” her with criticism over her vote on a controversial issue? Doesn’t her opponent, Steven Long, realize it’s not nice […]

Two state senators face off over gun rights – John White funds the anti-gun Senator

Of Note: Senate Candidate John White funded and helped elect Marlon Kimpson to the SC Senate –


As reported by Post and Courier.com:

The fight to pass any gun law this year — pro or con — has come down to a battle of wills between two outspoken lawmakers from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

And time is running out.

On the side of gun-control is Democratic state Sen. Marlon Kimpson of Charleston, whose district includes Emanuel AME Church. On the other side is Republican Lee Bright of Spartanburg County, a gun-friendly politician who once raffled off […]

Making Carolina Free – Letter to the Editor

Rick Gosnell is a candidate for House District 31. Here is his letter to the editor this week.

I am a state House District 31 candidate, and my slogan is “Help Make Carolina Free Again.”

Roads are the hot topic. If I were in office now, I would push for all the surplus revenue to be spent on roads.

I have an idea that will make for a fairer division of money for roads and repairs. I would dismantle the Department of Transportation and replace it with two smaller, similar departments.

I think we should divide the state right through […]

Help with Personhood Bill

From Richard Cash …
Today we will send a robocall into Sen. Hugh Leatherman’s district in Florence and we would love to have your financial help in doing so. These robocalls will cost about 8 cents each, so for $8 you can help us call 100 homes, for $80 you can help us call 1,000 homes!

Sen. Leatherman is the most powerful legislator in South Carolina, but so far he has been unwilling to speak up and use his influence to urge that Personhood be brought to the Senate floor.

We are literally running out of time to move Personhood forward-we need Sen. Leatherman’s […]

White Lies: CPC Endorsement

What can you say about a candidate who endangers decades of work for Carolina Pregnancy Center by implying on a mailer he put together that he received an endorsement from them – when they are legally banned from endorsing because of their tax status?

Who puts his own thirst for elected power above the welfare of those clients served at the height of their vulnerability, in such a scary time of their life?

Who calls people to tell them they should vote for him because he’s “good for babies” and pulls a stunt like what you see below?

I have a word.  Despicable.  What […]

Rick Gosnell speaks at candidate forum

I hope those of you who live in District 31 (currently the seat is held by Harold Mitchell (D)) will help Rick in his campaign and vote for him at the June 14 primary!  Here is Rick’s speech from earlier this week:


You can reach Rick via email at revreb76@gmail.com


June and July – NO Tea Party Meetings … instead …

June 14, our normal date for our monthly meeting is the primary election date.  So, instead of planning to attend our meeting, please find time that day to:

1. Vote.

2. Bring 5 people to vote.

3. Go to a sign wave for the candidate of your choice for a few hours after work.

In July, we will also be skipping our monthly meeting (we usually do take a month or two off each summer).  HOWEVER!!!  We are excited to announce we’ll be joining the GSP Republican Women for a Range Day on Saturday July 16!  This will be an afternoon event, details to […]

Jonathon Hill: The farm bailout wasn’t ours to give

Brilliant, yet destined to be unappreciated, thoughts by Jonathon Hill on the Farm Bailout.  From his website:

How would you feel if I came to your door, brandishing a gun, and demanded that you hand over $100 to me to use to feed starving children in Africa? “How dare you!” you might say. “Who do you think you are, Robin Hood?! Stealing from the rich to give to the poor?” Perhaps you would remind me that the end does not, after all, justify the means.

There is nothing honorable about being generous with other people’s money, but this is exactly what […]

Wes vs. Wes: Youth vs. experience in Rock Hill Senate race

Senate race to keep your eye on in York County – 30-year incumbent Wes Hayes challenged by reformer Wes Climer … and if you’d like to donate or make phone calls please visit Wes Climer’s website.  Email wclimer@gmail.com – you can probably make calls from home!

Recently HeraldOnline.com did an interview with both of the Wes candidates.  I thought I’d highlight a few of their interview answers.  For instance …

So according to 30-year incumbent Wes Hayes, the MOST IMPORTANT thing left to deal with in the SC Senate are those pesky organizations like Americans for Prosperity that ordinary SC citizens like you […]