Greenville County Council sued over vote on fees

Look! Government holding government accountable! a beautiful thing!

Maayan Schechter at reports:
For what could be the first time in more than a decade several members of Greenville County Council have sued the Council, accusing the county’s governing body of failing to abide by its own ordinance related to fiscal matters.

A nine-page complaint filed Thursday by three County Council members, one property owner and four members of the S.C. House of Representatives contends that County Council and Greenville County passed two fee hikes by a 7-4 vote in violation of the County’s own ordinance that was adopted in 2004.

The 2004 ordinance states that when […]

Jeff Duncan updates on eve of possible vote

From Jeff Duncan’s Facebook page:

AHCA update: House Conservatives continue to make improvements to the AHCA before the scheduled vote set for tomorrow. I had a phone conversation with VPOTUS Pence just now. The White House and House leadership have agreed to one of our asks: that the Obamacare Essential Health Benefits clause be repealed.

What is that you ask?

Obamacare gave the Secretary (Kathleen Sibelius at the time) the power to define essential health benefits which must be covered in all insurance plans sold in the exchanges, small group plans and government plans REGARDLESS of Costs.

In essence, the consumer had to buy […]

Jeff Duncan – debt ceiling and repeal

Jeff Duncan has this explanation of the hurdles for a GOOD health care reform bill.

I wonder how many new Members of Congress campaigned against raising the debt ceiling? How many were concerned about the nation’s spending levels?

The Speaker has been selling the Obamacare Repeal and Replace plan as a Three Phase plan.

Phase I is this American Health Care Act that we are debating and trying to make better.

Phase II is the regulatory and rules roll-back by Secretary Tom Price at Dept of Health and Human Services.

Phase III will be stand-alone reform legislation to allow across state lines sales, associational health […]

David Bossie – WHY we do precinct reorg!

Tomorrow is our precinct reorganization meetings, when we go to brief meetings at our polling locations and sign up to be delegates to county and state conventions.  In Spartanburg and Greenville those meetings are at 7:00 PM, please visit to find the location where YOUR meeting is.  Note: Some precincts in Greenville will be meeting in a central location at the Hilton, so please do check.

Some folks just don’t think these precinct meetings can bring any real change to our party.  I disagree. Here is just one VERY interesting result of Republicans in Maryland – YES MARYLAND! – having […]

SC parents can view school options in their community!

This is a very interesting tool from Palmetto Promise Institute!  Please visit their website and get on their email list for more info and updates.  And click the link below to check out the school options in YOUR neighborhood!
Can you explain South Carolina’s system for evaluating public school quality? Can you explain the difference between a public charter school and a public magnet school? Most of us would struggle with the task.

My guess is that many parents are in the same boat, leaving them confused and frustrated in the search for the right education option for their child’s unique needs.

Here […]

Trey Gowdy questions FBI Director Comey

Quite proud of Trey Gowdy today. Too bad he was almost alone in extremely effective direct questioning.

I know folks whose teenagers could have done a better job than most of these committees.

Permitless Carry Bill in SC House!

From Janet Hill:


So, here’s the scoop.

Rep. Jonathon Hill submits a constitutional carry bill to SC House early this year. (He did last year as well.)

The bill is assigned for review/hearing/debate to House Judiciary Committee of which Rep.Greg Delleney is chairman.

Delleney stonewalls the bill, will not allow it to come up for hearing/debate in the committee. (Just like last year. Yes, the chairman can do that!)

Representative Hill makes a motion from the House floor to recall the bill from the committee to be debated in the full House, asking for roll call vote on his motion. The vote was taken. The […]

Scott Talley’s S370 re: Judicial Appointments

Laird Minor writes a Letter to the Editor:
The appointment of judges may not seem very exciting, but it is vitally important.

In South Carolina, the General Assembly controls every aspect of the judicial appointment process; the Governor plays no role at all. The legislature selects judges, controls their reappointment, and sets their budgets. Because many legislators are lawyers who practice in the state courts, this process presents obvious conflicts of interest for them and creates serious ethical dilemmas for the judges.

The Judicial Merit Selection Commission is responsible for vetting prospective judges. It is dominated by the three powerful politicians who appoint […]

Permitless carry bill in SC?

From Talbert Black:

A permitless carry bill is moving quickly through the South Carolina House.

Ever since state Representative Jonathon Hill forced every Representative to go on the record and vote up or down to support the Constitutional Carry Act of 2017 those who voted “NO” have felt the heat from you and thousands more like you for their bad vote.

As a direct result, many are now clamoring for a chance to “do the right thing”.

Now, Representatives Mike Pitts and Greg Delleney have introduced H3930, a bill that’s being called “permitless carry”.  It appears to be a good faith effort toward implementing […]

Ted Cruz & Mark Meadows on Health Reform

From  Jeff Duncan’s FB page:

In an effort to keep you informed about the ongoing Repeal/Replace of Obamacare debate here in Washington – I want to provide you commentary from Senator Ted Cruz & Congressman Mark Meadows in the WSJ that sums up the things that really need to be addressed in the Repeal/Replace effort to make this bill truly effective in reducing premiums, expanding access and protecting the most vulnerable assisted by Medicaid programs. These are things that Conservatives and, anyone – including the White House – should get behind:
Wall Street Journal: Three Criteria for Health Reform
The House repeal-and-replace plan […]