Have you heard of Concerned Women for America? come meet Penny Young Nance!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tonya Shellnutt from Concerned Women for America recently and was really impressed with the work of that organization. And GLAD that CWA now has a specific presence in South Carolina! Here is an opportunity to meet Penny Young Nance, the CEO and President of Concerned Women for America right in our own Spartanburg back yard!

who wants to go with? read the info below, then click the “tickets” link to register.

Make plans now to join Common Cents with Josh Kimbrell and Carolina Pregnancy Center for a great evening with Concerned Women of America CEO & President […]

Leatherman and Calif Dem AG Kamala Harris, BOTH want to take away 1st Amend rights

What does Hugh Leatherman have in common with Democrat California Attorney General Kamala Harris?  They both are fighting to obtain the donor lists of conservative organizations, which would undercut their right to free speech.  Fortunately for Californians, there is someone who is stopping Harris’ efforts.  From FreedomWorks.org:
Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals injunction against California Attorney General Kamala Harris in her chilling effort to obtain the donor lists of conservative organizations, which would have undercut their right to free speech, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“At a time when some states are considering legislation or constitutional amendments designed to chill the First […]

SC Club for Growth Opposed Leatherman – connect the dots!

As Hugh Leatherman rages on the floor of the Senate “Dark Money Dark Money Dark Money!!!!” this story gets our attention.  Joshua Lloyd at TheState.com reports:
The South Carolina Club for Growth has a presence in the state as a political action committee with a goal of bringing economic growth and fiscal conservatism to Columbia, and the June primary for state Senate District 31, a rural district in Florence County, has caught the club’s attention.

The club sees this election as a chance to oust 36-year incumbent and current Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. The group recently endorsed one […]

NRMC hosts Republican Primary Candidates forums

The National Republican Minority Caucus (NRMC) will jointly host Republican Primary Candidates forums for 1 US Senate, 2 US House of Representatives, 5 SC Senate, 8 SC House, Solicitor Circuit 7, Sheriff, Clerk of Court, Coroner and 2 County Council Seats. Spartanburg County along with the newly formed NRMC Action and People United Locally Speaking Elections P.U.L.S.E. Campaign.

The forums will take place on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 beginning 5:30 pm US Senate and House representatives primary speaking. At 6:00 pm will feature the 5 SC Senate seats (on behalf of Spartanburg County). Beginning 7:15, the Republican candidates running for 8 […]

Chuck Wright and I see eye to eye on this

Recently much hay has been made of Sheriff Chuck Wright’s comments at a recent GSP Republican Women’s meeting:

By Daniel J. Gross at SHJ:
Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright says the comments he made about racism and minority groups at a meeting recently are being twisted into “political nonsense.”

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told a meeting of Republican women on April 7 that the NAACP is a racist group like the KKK.

During a talk at a Greenville Spartanburg Republican Women meeting April 7, Wright called the NAACP and Ku Klux Klan racist groups. He was responding to a question about the Ferguson, Mo., officer-involved […]

Finally Hugh Leatherman finds an ethics problem HE WANTS TO SOLVE!

We have visited this topic several times before … of all the ethics problems that South  Carolina has, some SC legislators are most interested in legislation that fixes Citizens, not Legislators.  Hugh Leatherman and Larry Martin have been most vocal about it, check this out, as reported at TheState.com:
Leatherman, who faces opposition in June’s GOP primary, wants to eradicate dark money, too, saying it is attempting to hijack S.C. politics.

“We’re going to make those who get that money tell us where it came from,” the Florence Republican said Friday.

Dark-money-fueled groups already are having an impact on the state, critics say.

For […]

John White made $2.3M off the State in 2015

Who the heck applauds $250 Million that goes “into SC coffers” from suing Pharmaceutical companies? You gotta be an idiot not to understand that Johnson & Johnson isn’t paying SC $250 Million – it is your grandma, your daughter, your dad, your cousin, YOU … anyone who depends on prescription medication to live, or to live a quality life. Those are the people whose prescription medication will be more expensive now, so that John White can make $2.5 M from SC and be said to deliver $ into SC coffers.

People. This is NOT FREE MONEY!
From PNN:
Trial Attorney John White addressed […]

Justin Bradley on Spartanburg recovery

Councilman Justin Brady has this to say :

Without raising taxes, Spartanburg County government has recovered from the downturn during the Great Recession. That’s good news for our taxpayers – revenues increased from growth in our economy, not because politicians felt that we should take more of your hard earned money. However, as I noted during my campaign in 2014, being a good steward of your taxpayers is just as important during the good times as it is during the hard times. I look forward to working toward a balanced budget that prioritizes core government needs first.

And would like to draw […]

Candidate Josiah Magnuson Town Halls

From Josiah’s Facebook:

Announcing three more upcoming townhalls! Meet Josiah and discuss the issues facing South Carolina.

Monday, April 18 at 6:45pm – Holly Springs Auction House on Hwy. 357
Monday, April 25 at 7:00pm – Gramling United Methodist Church on Hwy. 176
Thursday, April 28 at 6:30pm – Chesnee Library near Bi-Lo


Senate Candidate John White Funds Abortion Activists

From PNN website:

After a two week break, the South Carolina House will reconvene and they are expected to take up H.3114 (South Carolina Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act) which would prevent abortions after 19 weeks.  Bills like this have been attempted for a decade with no success.

The biggest abortion proponent in the House has been SC Democrat Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter who criticizes pro-life Americans as hypocrites on the issue of abortion. As previously stated by Cobb-Hunter: “(Republicans) plead passionately for life for those fetuses who are yet to be born. When that fetus becomes a child and is delivered, that compassion […]