House Introduces Long-term, Sustainable Road Funding Bill

Sadly, with this not being an election year, and with the Senate rules changes, it will be nearly impossible to stop this.  Nothing like this should pass before a complete rout and reorganization of the SCDOT and the State Infrastructure Bank.

News Release: House Introduces Long-term, Sustainable Road Funding Bill. Requires motorists pay for road repair, not just SC taxpayers

(Columbia, SC) – House Speaker Jay Lucas issued the following statement after the introduction of H.3516. This legislation creates a long-term and sustainable revenue stream by increasing motor fuel user fees, requiring out-of-state drivers/truckers to pay for road travel and removing loopholes […]

S217 – Personhood Bill

PRO-LIFE ALERT FOR SC: S217 is the Personhood Bill, sponsored by Kevin Bryant and Rex Rice. This bill would recognize that life begins at conception, along with the rights of protection and due process. The bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Luke Rankin. The only way this bill will pass if there is AGGRESSIVE lobbying by the constituents in each district. Sen. Rankin needs to be encouraged to move the bill out of Committee onto the floor for a vote. Your own senator needs to be called and emailed. Request them to sign onto the […]

Center for Self Governance (CSG) course – February 11, sign up now!

Here is the link to register for the Center for Self Governance (CSG) course I posted about earlier!  Also the course synopsis.  Space is limited, they keep the class small so there is plenty of time for interaction.

This course is for Saturday February 11, 9 AM to 2 PM at the Poplar Springs Fire Station in Moore. Lunch will be provided.

Husband and wife register as one, pay $50.00.

Online link to the class (for registration):

Level 1 – Foundation in Self Governance (4-5 hours): $50.00

In Level 1, the student compares and contrasts the theoretical concepts of power, government, and control. The student will learn […]

Community Walks, January 21, 10 AM

Hey folks, this might be a great opportunity to a) enjoy a day outdoors and b) find people interested in getting involved in their precincts!  Wear your favorite political teeshirt, perhaps not your most radical one 🙂 and have some chats with folks!
Mary Black Foundation and its partners have organized a Walk with Your Elected Official event on January 21, 2017 at 10:00 am.  Elected officials in 6 municipalities, plus Spartanburg County government, have agreed to walk with residents in their communities.  Modeled after successful walks in 2016 with the Town of Pacolet’s Mayor, Michael Meissner, the walks on January […]

Hope Blackley appointed to State Advisory Committee

Always good to see one of our own recognized for excellence!

From SHJ:

Spartanburg County Clerk of Court Hope Blackley has been appointed to serve on the state’s Clerk of Court and Register of Deeds Advisory Committee.

S.C. Chief Justice Don Beatty made the appointment earlier this week.
 Blackley joins six others from around the state after a vacancy on the committee was created when Newberry County Clerk of Court Jackie Bowers retired.
The chief justice appoints court officials to handle concerns and developments from clerk of court and register of deeds officers from around the state. The committee is designed to advise and make […]

DC Update from Jeff Duncan

From Jeff Duncan’s FB page:

There’s a lot going on in Washington right now, so I wanted to take a moment to give you a comprehensive update about what is going on in Congress.

The Senate is working faster than I’ve ever seen during my time in Congress. Their first priority when the new Congress convened was to pass a budget resolution. Why is this important? Because the budget process is the method we’re using to repeal ObamaCare and fulfill our promises to the American people. We’re voting on the Senate budget resolution in the House today, and I expect it to […]

Do you want to help defeat Larry Martin?

We all know about Larry Martin – iffy on the 2nd Amendment, his Senate committee is one of the places where good bills go to die, he … OH WAIT!!!!


Larry Martin WAS DEFEATED in last year’s primary election!!! Whohoooo!!!!~~~~~

But we all know there is another Larry Martin just around the corner, ready to stand between you and your God-given rights and liberties.  Do you want to learn how to defeat the next Larry Martin?

The team who worked so incredibly hard and effectively in last year’s primary had an advantage – they got some great training from the Center for Self […]

Is it a waste of my time to sort recycled items / Spartanburg Collection Centers

At our meeting Tuesday, Esther Wagner from Palmetto Pride shared with us the costs of litter to our families and community.  Previous Esther had mentioned that just because you brought recycling to the collection center, it wasn’t necessarily recycled.  Depending on the contract an individual county has, the items you sort out as recycling may just end up getting dumped in with the rest of your track!

So I asked Councilman Justin Bradley if he could find out for me if my recycling efforts were in vain, or does Spartanburg maintain sorted recycling.  Here is his response:


Yes, the county does contract […]

… the Democrats on this committee were silent

Ted Cruz spoke for us at today’s confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions …


SC Policy Council synopsis of 2017 pre-filed bills

This is the work we have in front of us.  Educating ourselves on these bills, and having conversations with our legislators.  Learning to advocate, individually and in groups, for or against legislation.  And keeping record of which legislators vote for or against liberty, and bringing that to bear in the next primary elections.

CLICK HERE for the SC Policy Council report.

Here are a few excerpts:
The House and Senate both prefiled bills that would raise the gas tax. S.54 and H.3111 would require a 12-cent and 14-cent increase in the gas tax respectively, but neither bill would alter the secretive and unaccountable […]