DOJ Ends Operation Choke Point

If  you are aware and watchful, you continue to see the Trump administration keep promises and restore liberty despite the bombastic cacophony of the media and the left with their dangerous attacks on America.

We have talked about Operation Choke Point many times here …

Mulvaney speaks about Operation Choke Point

What is Operation Choke Point?

Operation Choke Point right here in Spartanburg?

Square Reader – anti gun?

In essence, the Obama administration used the DOJ to pressure banks to drop customers who buy or sell firearms, tobacco and other goods considered “not acceptable” by the Obama administration, in an attempt to destroy their businesses and […]

SLED. The FBI. Special Prosecutor. I’m READY for some jailings!

While I am eager for some decisions and consequences to begin to roll out from the Statehouse Probe, it is devastating to contemplate SC citizens being so betrayed, so swindled by some elected officials.  The consequences which may come cannot begin to make up for the potential harm to our state of such a corrupt governance existing for so long … much of it not even hidden.  Take a look at some excerpts from this article, then click to read more.

Andy Shain reports at PostandCourier:
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson is accusing the state’s top law enforcement official of providing […]

How the S.C. Legislature paved the way for nuclear mess

This is how things work in SC.  Note this …

“… requiring my neighbor to pay my home construction costs would lower my mortgage interest payments. But that doesn’t make it right. And it’s not right to make South Carolinians underwrite new power generating capacity so that utilities will pay less interest, and future residents will have lower power bills.”

Who voted FOR this bill from Spartanburg:

Rita Allison – current House Representative (Note: have seen her name as voting for, also as not voting)

Ralph Davenport – no longer serving

Keith Kelly – no longer serving at statehouse, current circuit court judge

Joseph Mahaffey – no […]

Should Antifa be recognized as a terrorist organization?

If you think so, click here and sign the White House Petition.

The way these petitions work is if there is a specific number of signatures the WH must respond.  This petition needs 88,379 signatures by September 16, 2017 to get a response from the White House.

So … in addition to signing, make it your goal to get 10 other signatures from friends/family.

That’s activism!

Clay Shooting~ Spartanburg GOP and Sheriff’s Benevolent Fund! 10/13!

How fun will this be!!??? Mark your calendars now!


ACTIVIST OPPORTUNITY: Have you EVER attended a County Council meeting?

The Spartanburg County Council meets every 3rd Monday of the month.  Your elected council members sort out the issues that are closest to you as a voter in your community.  The meetings are public. Much information is disseminated in the committee meetings.  There is a opportunity during the general meeting for any citizen to speak on any issue.

Have you ever attended a County Council meeting?

Monday night is our next council meeting, the committee meetings begin at 4:00 PM (where all the information and discussion happens) and the general meeting begins at 5:30 PM (where the votes are taken and the […]

Spartanburg Young Republicans Meet and Greet Shootout!

If you are a young Republican in or near Spartanburg, here’s a great event for you and your friends to attend!

Come and join the Spartanburg Young Republicans for our first event: a meet and greet gun shoot! We will be at the James O. Thomason firing range this Saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm! Come on out and meet your fellow Young Republicans and shoot some guns!

This event is bring your own guns, ammo, targets, ear and eye protection.

Please respect the rules of the range by NOT bringing anything that is fully automatic or anything that is .50 caliber […]

Brilliant Activism re: School Tax Vote

Laurens County voters to go the polls September 5 to vote on a $109 Million school tax referendum.

There is a committed group of folks working hard to stop this.  Take a look at this tool they came up with!

School Tax Calculator

… with instructions: Please input your property value information below calculate your estimated additional school tax. Be sure to input all the properties that would be affected such as motor vehicles and personal property to get your overall total. 

Can you imagine if every time a school board pulled this “special election/referendum” school tax stunt, people in that county organized with held devices in […]

SC City/County Councils: Shot Across the Bow

Over some time, I’ve brought news of Spartanburg County Council doing some good things for citizens.  Deciding against taking up a gun ordinance. Sunsetting the hospitality tax.  Doing great work with our county budget. Sadly, not all city/county councils are making such good decisions.

There has been turmoil in Greenville County – the council has been sued by a couple of its own members and a few state reps.

There was recently an uproar in Laurens County – one council member asked the sheriff to remove another council member from a meeting.

And … some counties’ citizens have begun fixing these terrible councils […]

Stop defending the statues, start defending liberty.

Here’s a fact of effective activism. I expect it to go unheeded.

If you are Really Riled Up about the potential for statues of history to be torn down and want to Do Something … good for you. Let me share that getting Really Riled Up about one specific issue, fighting for that issue and perhaps even prevailing … and then going back to life as usual … is one of the reasons why you had to get Really Riled Up in the first place. Because, let me be blunt, you were not pulling your weight as a citizen of your […]