“No Gun” signs now pose liability to property owners in TN

Comment by Dave Nalley/Facebook:
So our friends over in Tennessee accomplished quite a feat recently that goes into effect in just a few days.

The change is that property owners who post ‘no guns’ signs and prohibit lawful concealed carry on their premises are now liable for the safety of any permit holder on their property in the event of injury or death that might have been avoided if left armed.

You can read the synopsis here:
(click on the summary tab)

This is not pending legislation – this has already been signed into law.
Present law authorizes persons in control of property to post […]

Mick Mulvaney on the Tax Reform Plan

From his Facebook page:

I know that what happened in the United Kingdom last night is getting all of the news, and that is probably to be expected. And while the British decision to leave the EU certainly is a historic event, my guess it that, aside from some short-term instability in the markets, the impact on you, me and our families will be fairly limited.

But there was actually something happening in Washington today that could have huge implications – in a good way – for American families. And that is because the House Republicans (finally!) introduced our massive tax reform […]

Mick Mulvaney on the Dem House sit in

From Mick’s Facebook page:

Well, it’s almost midnight and I am sitting up waiting to vote again, so I thought I would do a quick post about the ongoing so-called “sit-in” in the House.

First, a little background: if you had the chance to catch me on WBT radio earlier this week, you heard me say how much I respected – disagreed with, but respected – the actions that Senator Chris Murphy took in his filibuster over gun legislation. He was availing himself of the tools granted to a Senator, and he was using it for the exact right reason: to draw […]

Help Retire Larry Martin

From Talbert Black:

37 years is long enough!

Larry Martin has been the nemesis of much good in South Carolina.  He’s been in the legislature for 37 years!

It’s time for him to retire!  Please help him.

I got the following e-mail announcing opportunities to volunteer to help Rex Rice defeat Larry Martin.

If you are able to help with any of these needs please contact volunteer coordinator Kurt Potter directly at 615-971-8797 or kurtgpotter@yahoo.com.

Please help today!

Dear Friends:

On June 14th the people of Pickens County sent a loud message to Senator Larry Martin and the concentrated power in Columbia. Roughly 55% of the voters in […]

Roger Nutt wants to make sure YOU don’t miss YOUR Council meeting!

Got some exciting news for you!  You asked and we listened….I will now be LIVESTREAMING our Council Meetings!  

The Agenda for this Meeting can be found HERE

CLICK HERE for Roger’s Facebook page where you can see the livestream when it begins.

The Live Feed for the Committee Meetings should begin around 4:00pm

 and the General Session will begin at 5:30pm

All videos will be saved to the usual places, so that you can have these available immediately instead of having to wait for them to be uploaded!

Please send comments about how we can make this even better, so that you can become […]

Legislature Passes ‘Independent Investigation’ Bill (HA!)

For anyone (and that includes legislators) simple minded enough to think that the “Ethics Bill” did anything about ethics violations … The SCPC spells it out…


“But although the Ethics Commission would investigate lawmakers, final decisions on guilt and punishment would remain with the legislative ethics committees.


But politicians should be subject to the same criminal laws everybody else lives under: embezzlement should be embezzlement and not downgraded to “converting campaign funds to private uses” simply because the offender is a politician. Rather than rearranging the Ethics Commission, then, lawmakers should simply (a) abolish the House and Senate ethics committees – thus […]

County Council meeting Monday!

C’mon you know you want to!  Now that election cycle is done, let’s get back to some practical work.  One of those things is regular attendance at County Council meetings, so each of us can see and hear and know for our own selves what is happening in our county, how our monies are being spent, what’s going well, what we can work on.

Monday the 20th is the next Spartanburg County Council meeting, the committee meetings begin at 4 PM (that’s when the presentations and discussions take place) the general meeting begins at 5:30 PM (when the votes are taken). […]

2 more weeks. Lee Bright still has an election date.

We are not done. take a day. maybe a half day. Then contact Lee Bright and ask what you can do for his runoff election.

2 weeks. Is there a day in the next 2 weeks you can spend 2 hours knocking on doors? Making calls?

What wins elections is communicating directly with voters. You may be tired from the past few months, but we ALL know the feeling of “could I have done more?” that comes after some election cycles.

Don’t feel that.

Facebook page


Election Night Results

Fox Carolina did an AMAZING job in getting very quick updates all night!

Two quick comments:

The Spartanburg Six lost another member tonight.

Lee Bright needs your help for his runoff – contact him TODAY! and ask what you can do!

SPARTANBURG COUNTY COUNCIL DIST 3   96 of 96 Precincts Reporting

David Britt

Stephen Mathis


SPARTANBURG COUNTY COUNCIL DIST 4   96 of 96 Precincts Reporting

Whitney Farr

Jane Hall


SPARTANBURG COUNTY CORONER   97 of 97 Precincts Reporting

Rusty Clevenger

Scott Ramsey


US HOUSE DISTRICT 5   337 of 337 Precincts Reporting

Ray Craig

Mick Mulvaney


SC SENATE DISTRICT 5   31 of 31 Precincts Reporting

Tom Corbin

John White


SC SENATE DISTRICT 12   32 of 32 Precincts Reporting

Lee Bright

Scott Talley

David McCraw

Lisa Scott


SC SENATE DIST 14   54 of 54 […]

Look at YOUR Sample Ballot

There is a website where you can obtain your personal SAMPLE ballot. Just fill out your voting information and you will be able to see who is running in your district. Then you will be able to check out the candidates before voting and make an informed decision. All you have to do is click on the link below and fill out the requested information. I have included some instructions to make it even easier for you to follow as you click through the pages leading you to your sample ballot.

(This is not an official ballot that you can use […]