What do you think about Senator Scott Talley’s idea of reform?

From his FB page:

Adding badly-needed revenue to fix roads, the roads bill just passed in the Senate also adds significant DOT reform, including efforts to increase transparency and accountability.

Some individuals have said that I lied or misled about how I would vote on roads, yet nothing can be further from truth. I have been clear and consistent. And, many are saying this bill has no reform, but the truth is, it has substantial reform – removing legislative authority over removal of commissioners, adding public audits, prohibiting conflicts of interest, and so on.

All audit reports will be published on DOT’s website […]

Additional Gas Tax fees

This is what Spartanburg Senator Scott Talley just voted for, in addition to a straight up gas tax increase with no reform to the SCDOT or State Infrastructure Bank:

Senate gas tax vote results

The Senate voted on a gas tax with NO reform last night.

Spartanburg Senator Shane Martin stood his ground for you.

Senator Scott Talley – not so much.

Senator Shane Martin on Constitutional Carry

Shane explains where we are:

Seriously. How many phone calls have you made this session re: gas tax

Don’t leave it to others to speak for you.  If you have not called your House Representative lately, you should call them right now.  In Spartanburg, Reps. Eddie Tallon, Rita Allison, Mike Forrester, and Derham Cole voted Wednesday to include the gas tax bill IN THE BUDGET if the Senate doesn’t pass it.  Shame on them.

Only Bill Chumley, Josiah Magnuson, and Steven Long voted no on that.  SO … call those four.  And I wager a dozen donuts that you will get the same talking points from each of them, using the same words and phrases to defend that.  Sorta […]

Trump to return seized land to states

It is absurd the amount of land the feds have seized from the states. Thankful that Trump is undoing this tyranny, and allowing the states to rightly determine the proper use of this land within their borders.

KSL.COM reports on today’s action:
“The previous administration used a 100-year-old law known as the Antiquities Act to unilaterally put millions of acres of land and water under strict federal control, eliminating the ability of the people who actually live in those states to decide how best to use that land,” Trump said. “Today we are putting the states back in charge. It’s a big […]

4 of 7 Spartanburg GOP Reps do not care WHAT you think about the gas tax

3 out of 7 Spartanburg GOP Reps respect the wallets and wishes of their constituents:

Bill Chumley
Josiah Magnuson
Steven Long

The others dance to the tune of the Chamber and Hugh Leatherman and his corrupt partners at the SCDOT and SIB.

Rita Allison
Eddie Tallon
Derham Cole
Mike Forrester

It looks like our new Spartanburg leadership team has some educating to do with our voters, and the upcoming campaign schools will be put to GOOD USE!


House Amends Budget to Include Roads Bill

House Amends Budget to Include Roads Bill

Will Require Conference Committee to Negotiate Roads Solution and State Funding

(Columbia, SC) – House Speaker Jay Lucas (District 65-Darlington) issued the following statement after the House amended the state budget to include H.3516, the House-passed roads bill.  By including this amendment, roads will be part of the negotiations in the budget conference committee. The fiscal year expires on June 30, 2017, and a conference report must be adopted prior to that date to provide for next year’s funding.

“Last night’s Senate amendment is a nonsensical approach to addressing the […]

Justin Bradley on Council and blueways

Guest blog by Justin Bradley…
In response to Dr. Colburn’s recent guest blog on blueways projects in the county, I appreciate Dr. Colburn contacting council about this issue and for always taking the time to be a voice in the community on important issues. As chairman of the Livability Committee, where this project was presented last month, I did want to clarify some information about these projects to ensure the most accurate information is considered by the public.

Council has not taken any action to approve this project, specifically these blueways access sites, at this stage – the group that presented at the March […]

Tom Corbin asks “HOW LONG should SC families work to pay taxes?”

One of my favorite Senators asks a very good question: