Hello Tea Party! Picture this scene from a movie, we’ve all seen it. A schoolyard. A bully. A scrawny but plucky little kid standing up for himself against the bully. And behind the scrawny kid, standing silently but steadfastly in the shadows is the hero. Not saying much, the scrawny kid doesn’t even know the hero is there. But the bully does. And because of the mere presence of the hero, the bully backs down without any blows exchanged.

Today YOU were the hero, Tea Party. Today we were alerted that the Health Benefit Exchange Bill H3738 could have been brought up in committee and stealthily passed through, thus beginning the implementation of ObamaCare in SC. Emails and phone calls between liberty group patriots were exchanged, and plans were made across the state to attend this subcommittee meeting. A short while later, we learned that it was called off. You all received those 2 emails from me earlier today. Now, tonight we learn this from Talbert Black (click here to see Talbert’s entire email):

Even if you didn’t have a chance to contact your representative yet, the knowledge that your calls would soon be pouring in has had the desired effect! First, let me say this was no false alarm. I had independent confirmation from two sources that the intention was to sneak this bill through committee tomorrow. Second, the voice of South Carolina’s people is powerful! This was averted because of you.

Dan Cooper, chairman of the House Ways and Means committee sent me the following e-mail not long ago. It was his committee that would have quietly passed H3738, thus beginning the implementation of ObamaCare. He will not be bringing the bill up in committee tomorrow.

Mr. Black,
There is no sneak attack regarding placing this bill on the agenda tomorrow. Due to it’s controversial nature I chose not to add it to the agenda and there is no plan to ask the committee to add it by a majority vote, which is our only means of adding legislation after an agenda is published. I’m not sure where your information came from but it is erroneous. BTW I do not operate that way, if I was interested in advancing this bill it would be published with the rest. Also it will probably disappoint you, but I am removing my name as a co-sponsor, seems I got some incorrect advice on this bill.

Feel free to keep calling me Danny also, my cousin will be continue to be amused.

Dan Cooper

YAY! YAY! As Talbert said in his email “Your reputation precedes you!” Now? Well since two of the bill’s sponsors are Republicans here in Spartanburg, Steve Parker and Doug Brannon … you know what to do. This bill may come back up again, so if you haven’t already called them, please do so!

Steve Parker
Business Phone (803) 212-6878

Doug Brannon
Business Phone (803) 212-6876

You can read the entire bill at this link: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess119_2011-2012/bills/3738.htm

You can find your state representative and his/her contact information at this link: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/cgi-bin/zipcodesearch.exe

You can find the members of the Ways and Means committee at this link: http://www.scstatehouse.gov/html-pages/housecommlst.html#way