If you haven’t thought much beyond the fact that SC families lost the chance to use their own money to decide how to best educate their own children yesterday, in a state that ranks AT THE BOTTOM of the education scale in the United States … ponder this:

16 Republicans voted with 44 Democrats to kill this bill.

44 Democrats

16 Republicans

The party of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi drew 16 South Carolina Republicans over to their side to vote to kill your child’s opportunity for a better education.

In Spartanburg these six Republican House Reps voted with 44 Democrats:

Rita Allison
Doug Brannon
Derham Cole
Mike Forrester
Steve Parker
Eddie Tallon

When you voted for them in November, did you think you were voting for a Republican?

Silly you. Turns out they are more aligned with progressive libs like Pelosi than with South Carolina families wanting to improve their kids chance for an education. More aligned with Obama’s “leave it to the government to solve” than supporting your individual right of determination of what’s best for your family. More in sync with Harry Reid, the overseer of back room deals and perks for special interests than supporting a free market solution to the very real issue of SC failed schools, including the corridor of shame which produces generational poverty.

Six Spartanburg so-called Republican House Reps … people you voted for … sided with the 44 Democrats from the party who gave us Obama to vote against your kids.