This is a big step in getting done what we need to get done to repeal Obamacare. Thank You Jim DeMint!

Jonathan Allen at Politico reports:

Sen. Jim DeMint is cutting formal ties to his wildly successful small-donor fundraising machine, the Senate Conservatives Fund, so that it can form a super PAC, POLITICO has learned.

The super PAC will be able to raise and spend without limits, letting the South Carolina Republican’s operatives make runs at the kind of mega donors who have redefined the 2012 fundraising season.

Since 2009, DeMint has raised more than $17 million to promote promising candidates in an effort to remake the Senate not just in a Republican image — but in a die-hard conservative one.

The move could expand his reach and influence in politics, particularly in the months after the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care law, which served as a rallying cry for Republicans in 2010 and will likely be a centerpiece in 2012.

The SCF spinoff is called Senate Conservatives Action, and it’s launching with a new website,, on Monday.

Please read the article which details the difference between DeMint’s efforts (raising large amounts of $ to focus on a limited number of key elections) and efforts of other politicians with PACs (raising $ to distribute to a large number of candidates to build favors for support for leadership votes for that politician).

If you want a way to fight Obamacare, you have several tangible things you can do. Find a senate candidate who is all in for full repeal and donate to them. Phone bank for them (can be done from home nowadays). Take a week of vacation and travel to them, and go door to door. And now … support the Senate Action PAC – Senate Conservatives Action.

(right now there is only a mail in option, I’m assuming an online donation button will be available soon)