You’ve read here on our blog a few stories of how Florida is purging 50,000 plus dead voters from their voter rolls. Check out:




True the Vote is a very sophisticated and successful project that is … state by state … using volunteers to identify and challenge and clean up voter rolls in their communities. We have talked about this a few times in our meetings and here at our website and we DO have a small volunteer effort across the state of South Carolina. We also have Cibby Krell, right here in Spartanburg, leading the True the Vote project in our county.

Here is a plea for help … I have to put it that way, he is pleading for help for this very important project, to protect the integrity of YOUR vote. Contact him if you want to work on this project.


I don’t believe that I have to tell you just how important this election year is to the future of our republic. Do you realize that a change of only 50 votes in each of about 100,000 precincts across the nation would have changed the outcome of the last presidential election? Is there a danger in keeping the estimated 2,000,000 deceased voters across the nation on the voter rolls? Do you buy into the spin from the MSM that “a little voter fraud” is to be expected and is OK? Should thugs and bullies determine the outcome of our elections?

Yes, I believe that there are problems with our elections system. We can only be free if our elections are above reproach. Voter fraud is a felony, and those who would commit it must be made aware that they will be prosecuted.

Here in Spartanburg County, we are blessed by having Henry Laye in charge of the elections commission. He is genuinely doing his best to ensure that our elections process functions with integrity.

Which brings me to my request. Some of you expressed an interest in making a difference by becoming a TrueTheVote Volunteer. The task can be daunting, but is nonetheless most important. There have been ‘growing pains’ recently as the tools available to TTV Volunteers have undergone major development. A new system has just been rolled out, however, which improves the volunteer training and information processes immensely. Courses which were once given only at specific times are now available on-demand. Now it’s your schedule and your pace. This is a great improvement, and should ensure that anyone is able to quickly get up to speed. There are also tools which allow volunteers to exchange ideas as well as communicate via email with each other, all via the TTV Dashboard.

There are numerous ways in which you can make a difference by volunteering, so please consider visiting and signing up today. Your nation needs you, and this is not the right time to just remain seated and watch what happens. Please let me know if you have friends or family who would be interested.

Please call me if you have any questions.