The legislative session opened last week and there was some movement on some bills/issues right away. Restaurant Carry. Government Restructuring.

And there are some bills coming up that we all know about. Common Core. H3101 re: Obamacare.

It is oft-repeated among conservative circles … “Contact your legislator about xxxx and yyyy.” And yet, I wonder as this legislative session opens…

How often are folks in the Spartanburg Tea Party contacting their legislators? Are you assuming your legislator is voting the way you want? Do you know if your legislators is a co-sponsor of either S300 or H3943 the Anti-Common Core bills? Do you know if your legislator understands the Common Core issue?

How about SC Supreme Court Justice Jean Toal? She forced the Governor to request the Federal Stimulus money in 2009. Her court kicked more than 200 challengers off the ballot in 2012. She wrote the decision that gutted Stand Your Ground protection in South Carolina in 2013. YOUR legislator will take a vote on whether or not she serves another term. Have you had a conversation with him/her about this?

I aim to bring you as much information about bills and issues in Columbia as quickly as I can. And I assure you … I stay in touch with my legislators. Bill Chumley and I speak perhaps once a week. Lee Bright … well he’s been a little busy, but he is very proactive in letting his constituents know via Twitter and Facebook where he stands on upcoming bills, and I check in with him when I’m not sure.

I find myself wondering about the rest of our Spartanburg Delegation. If you live in Mike Forrester’s district do you know where he stand on bills important to you? Is he fighting for you, co-sponsoring bills that impact your family? Or just voting when they cross his desk? How about Reps. Wood, Tallon, Allison, Cole, Brannon? Do they know who you are? Do you call to thank and encourage them when they take a vote that represents you and your family? Do they consider you a resource, someone they can call to take the pulse of their constituents, have a conversation about legislation with?

Even though Shane Martin and Tom Corbin are not my Senators, I keep in touch with both of the also, as they do represent Spartanburg. Is anyone keeping up with Senator Peeler close to his Spartanburg district?

In the upper right corner of the Spartanburg Tea Party website is a link you can click with contact info for our delegation. Always there, very convenient! Good governance is a partnership, between a legislator and their constituents. Do your part!

The Spartanburg County Delegation meets quarterly, these meetings are open to the public. The next Delegation meeting is Monday, February 3, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m. It will be at the County Council chambers on Church Street. They’ll be there. You be there. Partnership.