This issue impacts every taxpayer in every county in South Carolina. I know that many of you read our blogs from across the state. Have you discussed this with your legislative delegation? Only a few counties are vocal on this, so legislators in Columbia are dismissing the concerns because they think it’s only a small number of people who are paying attention.

Can YOU be responsible for making sure YOUR county delegation hears from you tomorrow?

Pardon me while I vent for a second….I’ve seen no less than 4 separate bills that are being posed to “fix” the local government fund problem…Some to ‘phase in’ a program that restores it in 3 years, some that changes the formula, some that reduces the amount….Our association of Counties (our advocate to the legislature) is backing a proposal for phasing in…Is it just me or does anybody else realize that we ALREADY HAVE A LAW ON THE BOOKS ABOUT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT FUND! Why do we need bills and proposals and grandstanding to show some kind of sense that somebody is doing something? Just do what you are required to do! Do we need to file a bill for that? Let’s stop trying to figure out who’s proposal is the best and who’s is most likely to pass and who’s is most likely not to make anybody mad. If we don’t currently follow the laws on the book are we not insane to pass other laws as if THOSE will be followed??? I’ve got an idea, let’s go with a law that was passed already and that can’t be vetoed by the Governor and doesn’t have to be overridden by a 2/3 majority! It’s called the Aid to Subdivision act 1991…Thank you. I appreciate your time. Anybody else with me on this?