From Talbert Black:

Are you ready to pay more than $4.00 in state taxes every time you fill your gas tank? That’s what a South Carolina House subcommittee unanimously voted for today. It could be state law soon without immediate action.

But that doesn’t even include the $3.00 in federal taxes every time you fill and average sixteen gallon gas tank. That’s more than $7.00 per tank if this gets final approval.

This could be state law very soon.

You can find your state Representative and his or her contact information right here.

Tell him or her to oppose H3516, the gas tax hike!

Here are the subcommittee members that voted for this money grab.

Alan Clemmons 803.734.3113
Bill Clyburn 803.734.3033
Gary Simrill 803.734.3138
Jackie Hayes 803.734.3099
Leon Stavrinakis 803.734.3039
Shannon Erickson 803.734.3261

Every state Representative needs to hear from his or her own constituents on this.  But if one of these is yours, they deserve special attention. Make sure they know how you feel. The problem with our roads is not going to be solved by pouring more money into the same failed system that allowed them to get the way they are today. Without adequate reform in how the transportation infrastructure is managed additional money will be wasted. It’s the proverbial throwing good money after bad.

Although the General Assembly made some minor changes last year, they did not pass the necessary reforms. Without adequate reforms, political power, not priority of need, will continue to determine whose roads get fixed and whose continue to fall apart.

We must:

  1. Eliminate the obscure State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) and put its functions under the authority of SC DOT.
  2. Eliminate the unaccountable SC DOT Commission and replace it with a Secretary of Transportation to run DOT, appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the Senate.
  3. Create transparency in the SC DOT so everyone can see the current list of projects in order of priority, the expected start and completion date, along with all bids and awards of contracts.

The so called “reform” bill that passed last year did not implement even one of these reforms!

That’s why I need you to contact your state Representative and tell him or her “no gas tax increase until after adequate reforms are made to our roads management system”. Though the General Assembly called what they passed last year “historic reform”.  It’s really Reform in Name Only!

*** The SC DOT commission still exists.  There is no real accountability to the Governor because the governor can’t remove a commissioner for bad management.

*** The STIB still exists!  With a rubber stamp by the SC DOT, powerful political players that don’t represent you will still determine which roads get fixed.

*** No transparency measures were passed.

The General Assembly simply “rearranged some deck chairs” on this titanic failure of a roads management system in South Carolina. Fundamental reform is nowhere to be seen. If we let this new House bill pass we’ll simply be putting more money in the hands of the same mismanagement as before. Our roads will continue to rot and fall apart. And you’ll continue to dodge pot holes and repair the damage they cause to your car. The road funding system in South Carolina is badly mismanaged and controlled by corrupt or inept politicians and bureaucrats.

Contact your state Representative and tell him or her to oppose H3516.

Thanks for all you do!

In Liberty,

Talbert Black, Jr.
Palmetto Liberty