COLUMBIA – Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina is issuing a statement today urging members of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee to oppose H.3516, a bill that would raise the gas tax among other things. The group is encouraging lawmakers to oppose any gas tax legislation that does not include meaningful reform to the South Carolina Department of Transportation. The group’s state director, Daniel Brennan, said the House should make the DOT accountable to the citizens by making it a true cabinet agency, rather than raising and creating several new taxes and fees.

Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina State Director Daniel Brennan issued the following statement:

“While we recognize the great need to improve South Carolina’s roads, it is important to remember that without meaningful reform to the Department of Transportation, tax increases are almost meaningless. A series of tax and fee increases on our roads, vehicles, and gasoline wont solve the problem alone. South Carolina needs a DOT that is accountable to the citizens as a true cabinet agency. Taxpayers deserve a revenue neutral bill that tackles meaningful tax reform and creates an accountable DOT – not a laundry list of new and increased taxes to send to Columbia in hopes for a better outcome. 

“Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey has introduced, S.301, a bill that would make the DOT accountable to the taxpayers. That is the kind of reform that should be included in H.3516. We urge the House to keep taxpayers in mind as they cast their vote on this bill.” 

H.3516 would do the following:

  1. Raise the gas tax
  2. Raise the road tax
  3. Raise biennial registration fees
  4. Raise the vehicle sales tax
  5. Raise registration fees for seniors
  6. Raise drivers license fees
  7. Include new fees for energy efficient cars

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