Finally. This is how you fight for registration by party. NOT with a lawsuit. That was an utter waste of time.

CLICK HERE to read S536.

Now … unless voters in SC are serious about having conversations with their legislators about this bill – and making it clear that we know how to identify challengers, fund them, and run winning primary campaigns – well … more time will pass.

So get yourself up to speed on this bill and begin challenging your legislators now.  Ask your Senators to immediately sponsor this bill.

Then … spend the next 7 days speaking with 20 people, not people like me and you, we already KNOW this.  20 people who have naively wondered why nothing gets done in Columbia.  Talk to them about an issue that pains them.  Explain how legislators in less conservative counties drag down their liberty.  Point out to them how legislators in very conservative counties like Spartanburg have four House Representatives (Allison, Cole, Forrester, Tallon) who vote for gas tax increases with no SCDOT reform.  And how closing the primaries is the first step to that voter GETTING WHAT THEY WANT.

Good governance, based on conservative principles and the Republican platform.