From Talbert Black:

A permitless carry bill is moving quickly through the South Carolina House.

Ever since state Representative Jonathon Hill forced every Representative to go on the record and vote up or down to support the Constitutional Carry Act of 2017 those who voted “NO” have felt the heat from you and thousands more like you for their bad vote.

As a direct result, many are now clamoring for a chance to “do the right thing”.

Now, Representatives Mike Pitts and Greg Delleney have introduced H3930, a bill that’s being called “permitless carry”.  It appears to be a good faith effort toward implementing Constitutional Carry.

We appreciate the efforts of Pitts and Delleney. However, there are some problems that need to be fixed with this bill before we can fully support it.

For example, this bill treats 18 – 20 year old adults differently than adults 21 years and older.  This is an apparent violation of the South Carolina constitution as ruled by the South Carolina Supreme Court in 2008 in State v. Bolin.

Additionally, there is some confusing and possibly contradictory language regarding open and concealed carry so that it’s not clear exactly what is legal.

We’ve been told that some members of the House are drafting some friendly amendments to fix these problems!

We hope that happens!

The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.

We hope the members of that committee will vote to support these amendments.  Whether or not that happens, we’ll let you know!

So, keep your powder dry and stand by!  I hope to give you some good news Tuesday.

Will you help us protect the second amendment in South Carolina by donating $25 or $50 today?

Thank you for all that you do.

In Liberty,

Talbert Black, Jr.
Palmetto Liberty