From Janet Hill:


So, here’s the scoop.

Rep. Jonathon Hill submits a constitutional carry bill to SC House early this year. (He did last year as well.)

The bill is assigned for review/hearing/debate to House Judiciary Committee of which Rep.Greg Delleney is chairman.

Delleney stonewalls the bill, will not allow it to come up for hearing/debate in the committee. (Just like last year. Yes, the chairman can do that!)

Representative Hill makes a motion from the House floor to recall the bill from the committee to be debated in the full House, asking for roll call vote on his motion. The vote was taken. The motion to debate the bill was voted down! Votes recorded!

SC Representatives voting “no” begin to get a lot of phone calls from their constituents. (Good thing!)

Damage control in the house begins.

Delleney and Pitts craft their own bill, for permitless carry, and introduce it in the House. There are some problems with it, but the bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee……

Tomorrow! (Tuesday)