When a bill set to special order in the SC Senate that means it goes to the TOP of the voting order and is definitely brought up to vote on.  Today there was a vote in the Senate to set the gas tax bill – the bill with NO reform just straight up tax increase – to special order.  A 2/3 majority is needed to set a bill to special order.

We are VERY thankful for the 18 Senators who said NO today to moving this bill up.  Please thank them.  Do it now.  Call them, Facebook message them, email them.  Take the 10 minutes right now to find their contact info – you are a resourceful person you can do it – and tell they you appreciate their vote today.


By a vote of 23-18, the threshold was not reached to fast-track the gas tax bill. Thank you to Senator Tom Davis for speaking against this misguided legislation on the floor today.

The senators that had your back are:
Sen. Sean Bennett
Sen. Wes Climer
Sen. Thomas Corbin
Sen. Tom Davis
Sen. Stephen Goldfinch
Sen. Larry Grooms
Sen. Greg Hembree
Sen. Shane Martin
Sen. Shane Massey
Sen. Harvey Peeler
Sen. Rex Rice
Sen. Sandy Senn
Sen. Katrina Frye Shealy
Sen. Scott Talley
Sen. William Timmons
Sen. Ross Turner
Sen. Danny Verdin
Sen. Tom Young

Please take a moment to reach out and thank your senator for putting taxpayers first!