From our friends at SC Carry:

Representative Pitt’s bill H. 3930 will soon be voted on in the full House. This presents us with a historic opportunity.  Though worded in an awkward manner, the bill does strike the current prohibition on handgun carry and presents an opportunity for open and permitless carry.

The South Carolina Carry Legislative Committee recommends two amendments to the bill.

First, the bill should be amended to remove the requirement that citizens must inform law enforcement that they are carrying a firearm.  Citizens in Georgia and many other states are not so required.

Common sense tells you that criminals will not be honest and a law abiding person who is not suspected of any criminal activity should not be inconvenienced or harassed for exercising a fundamental constitutional right.

Second, the bill should be amended to remove the age restriction on carry such that those under 21 but 18 and older are restricted in carry rights.  If 18 year olds can carry lethal weapons in combat for the defense of our country, why should our State law treat them as somehow less than full citizens?

Further, both of these provisions as drafted are Constitutionally questionable and are likely to lead to significant legal costs for both the State and South Carolina Citizens.

What can you do to help?

Email Representative Pitts and thank him for working with SC Carry to fix H. 3930 and encourage him to continue to work with SC Carry. His email address is

Next, Contact your representative and let them know that you agree with SC Carry that H. 3930 needs to be amended. 

To find your representative and his contact information visit

We suggest a simple email such as:


Dear Representative [Name]:

  1. 3930 has the potential to be a great bill if amended. I agree with SC Carry’s analysis of H. 3930 and support amendments to eliminate the duty to inform and the age restriction. I encourage and appreciate you working with gun owners. It is important that we get this law right and avoid future litigation over potential Constitutional questions.

Please advocate for these amendments and support them on the house floor.

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