Yep. I said that McMaster was talking a good game with his threat to veto the gas tax, but that I hadn’t heard him follow through with any conversation of “good governance” – reforming the SCDOT and working to abolish the State Infrastructure Bank.  and that we’d wait for the other shoe to drop.  Here it is …

As reported by

Promising to veto an increase to the state’s gas tax to repair the state’s roads, S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster wants lawmakers instead to borrow up to $1 billion to fix South Carolina’s crumbling roads.

Putting $1 billion in borrowed money into road repairs, as McMaster proposes, would cover one year of the roughly $20 billion in repairs the state Transportation Department has said will be needed over the next two decades.
So, while we ordinary citizens understand that pouring more money into a crooked and ineffective system is a bad idea, and that BORROWING money our children will have to pay back is just as bad, McMaster has proven he’s not a reform Governor, not a champion of the people but … just like Nikki Haley … sees piling debt onto South Carolinians as the answer to a General Assembly who is “invested” in their own financial future by promulgating the cesspool of corruption instead of breaking up the money machine that runs Columbia.
And the roads … will continue to be the stick that legislators use to beat taxpayers with, promises, promises, while they line their pockets.  Like the cure for cancer – if it ever came about, too many people stand to lose BILLIONS while they tell you they are working furiously to fix the problem.