Guest post from Curtis Arrowood of SC Carry

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Attention all!!!
In case you did not know, we got a big win tonight. H3930 passed in the house. Our fight is not over. We now need to turn our attention to the senate. I say start communicating NOW. Remember by nice and polite. Also don’t make a statement you can’t back up with an article or data. Remember any SCC leader will be more than happy to assist you.

I want to point out that SCC was not the only group contacting our state reps. You can bet every gun grabbing group on the planet was in their ears with all the money from the Micheal Bloombergs and Gavin Newsomes. I feel these groups will ramp up their game for the senate so we need to ramp up even more.
Let’s start now contacting our reps daily and then contact every state rep weekly.
If we fail, it’s our own fault – Curtis Arrowood.

For those that are happy with the results of H3930 passing tonight, remember South Carolina Carry had a part in getting it done. SCC is not just a Facebook group. We are in the trenches working with our state reps and that does take money. If you would like to because an official member you can do so online with this link.

1 year – $20, 1 year First responder, LEO, military – $15
2 year – $35, 2 year First responder, LEO, military – $25
Lifetime – $500, Lifetime First Responder, LEO, military – $400