Diane Lee at WSPA.com reports:

Spartanburg County is a step closer to asking taxpayers to help solve an expensive mold problem and now we know just how expensive it might be.

Consultants told the county today it would likely cost $216 million dollars to replace a county courthouse plagued with mold and safety problems.

But that pricetag extends to other buildings, too. And despite the looming penny sales tax increase to pay for it, there’s little opposition to be found.

Councilman Roger Nutt acknowledged the $216 was unexpected and “substantial,” but he said “I definitely support fixing the courthouse. Number 1. The others, I think it would be irresponsible of us not to take care of it when we can.”

Councilman Roger Nutt is referring other structures included in that proposed plan, namely the aging County Administration Building, and City Hall which also houses the City Police Department.

Under the recommended plan, the new courthouse will be built behind the old one along with a parking garage and this area will become a county park.


We’ll be hearing a lot about this issue, which will be a referendum on the ballot in November I believe.  Check the video in the link above for a familiar face 🙂

I’ve chatted with Roger Nutt and there will be a “Make Our Courthouse Great Again” initiative that I hope many of you will consider participating in.  Not sure exactly what that will look like yet …