As our convention approaches on Saturday, it seems appropriate that some of the less savory history of the Spartanburg GOP be revisited as many folks were not around back in the day.  Sometimes you have to “look back” to discern the best path forward, and players and puppets of a past shady regime really should be given a “no thanks”.

First Premium News Network reports on accusations that surface year after year after year with no substance. Curiously, the author of those accusations was indeed the author of such acts.  Take a look…

During the 2009 reorg, Beltram refused to share information with anyone he thought might oppose him – an accusation he, and those associated with him levied at each of the three administrations that have since served.

Other accusations made in regards to our last three administrations have been in regards to party funds and fundraising, so let’s have a look at Beltram’s regime:

Collections of Bronze Elephant never totaled over $3,880 in one year.  The only Bronze Elephant member list we could find in the records was from 2006 and at that time there were 75 members.

Reimbursements total almost $24,000 for the years covered in the records we have and a total of $7,342.35 of that was paid to Rick Beltram, not including the $175/month paid to him in “rent.”

For years, the AT&T bill was close to $300 per month, which left most to assume that the party was subsidizing the payment for Rick Beltram’s office as well.

Beltram’s administration appeared to have “planning” meetings at least twice a month which included a payment of at least $100 to places like Fatz, Aloha Restaurant, IHOP, etc.

Beltram’s administration paid over $50,000 to venues like the Marriott, Summit Pointe, Carolina Country Club, etc, yet Rick Beltram has stated that administrations which followed him should hold events at cheaper places.

And WHAT’S UP with the Jelly Bean bill?  Click the link above to read more of this article.

In installment two (just how many will there be? stay tuned …) Premium News Network reminds us of a sitting Spartanburg County Chairman in 2008 who was selling political services out of the GOP office which also housed his own business, with a co-payed rent… um… WHAT?  Take a look…

Last week, Beltram came under fire for selling a variety of services – including automated calls, polling and walking lists – through his company, B Square Enterprises. He runs the company out of the county GOP office, where he pays half the rent.

Beltram said he offered the services at a 10 percent markup and that his goal was to make sophisticated campaign tools available at an affordable price. He offered the services in a memo to each Republican candidate, but the memo did not mention that the money would go to B Square Enterprises.

State Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson on Thursday said it was inappropriate for Beltram to operate the business while serving as county chairman.

Inappropriate?  at best …  Is there more about this shady era of the Spartanburg GOP to be revealed?  stay tuned …