As a recap, the local government fund is a law passed in Columbia that mandates a portion of a county’s tax be sent back to the county (after the county sends it to Columbia) to pay for services that Columbia mandates the county provide.  Like law enforcement, code enforcement, judicial services, and much more.

For years now your legislators in Columbia have worked a gimmick in the budget each year lowering the percentage of money coming back to the county while keeping the services mandate in place.  For a review, here are a few posts from the past, I particularly like this first one, where Spartanburg representative Rita Allison showed us the true nature of our lawmakers.  In response to the question: “If the law says, and the law clearly does … the law says these monies go back to the county. How do you NOT follow the law?” the answer from Rep. Allison was “We write a proviso” and everyone laughed.  And she and representative Eddie Tallon could not figure out why everyone was laughing.  Completely out of touch.

An explanation by SC Association of Counties

Justin Bradley explains

Roger Nutt vents

More from Justin

More from Roger (includes video of meeting between council and a few legislators)

HERE’S A GOOD ONE – click here for some history and dollar amounts and service mandates

Those will get you started.  We have much more info on this website, type Local Government Fund into the search bar on the right and begin reading.  It is imperative that South Carolinians understand this issue, and speak up to their legislators, who have failed their counties and their counties’ taxpayers… YOU.

Then, I urge you to have a chat with your representatives.

Finally, here is a piece at SHJ just this week, this saga continues into this year’s budget.  Legislators refuse to give you tax relief because they are too … what ?  Lazy? Inept?  Selfish?  to craft a solution that follow the law they wrote?

Fewer Spartanburg County roads and bridges may be getting repaired in the next fiscal year due to a funding shortfall.

The shortage is the result of the county having to cover more of the cost of services required by the state, such as court security and housing inmates. While by law the state is supposed to contribute a set amount to a Local Government Fund to help municipalities pay for the services, it has failed to do so over the last few years, leaving cities, towns and counties to make up a $27 million difference.

“All we want is for the state to do what is in the statute,” Spartanburg County Council Chairman Jeff Horton said. “We are not asking for an increase, but to just do what is in the law.”

Spartanburg County’s Local Government Fund shortfall was $4.2 million in fiscal 2015-16, and it is projected to be $4.6 million this fiscal year, according to Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt.

That trend is expected to continue in fiscal 2017-18, when Horton said the county is likely to experience another $4 million shortfall.

This impacts your family’s budget.  Get informed and get involved.