These meetings are open to everyone! come see what our local party is doing and planning.

Attention all Executive Committeeman!

This is a reminder of our quarterly EC Meeting on September 21st at 6:30 PM at the Spartanburg County Council Chambers! Registration will begin at 6 PM and the meeting will begin promptly at 6:30. This meeting is open to all registered Republicans. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Additionally, since the county GOP office has closed, the party has been paying for a storage unit to house the office furniture and signs that were retained.  The cost is $120/month, or $1,440 per year.  We’ve had the unit for approximately 4 years, so we have paid over $5,000 in rent to store these items.  As part of our strategic plan, we will not be reopening the office here in Spartanburg County. This brings to question what we should do with the storage unit and the items within. To that end, we have decided to eliminate the storage unit and hold a silent auction for the items in the storage unit at our next EC Meeting! These are things ranging from desks, tables, shelves, filing cabinets, old campaign yard signs, to the large wooden sign.

This will give the people who want these items the chance to take them with them.  It will also help the county party by raising some funds, and allowing us to save the $120 per month that we were spending on the storage unit.  Any items not taken will be donated to charity.

Thank you for your understanding and your service to the Spartanburg County Republican Party!

864-409-SGOP (7467)