You are probably keeping up with this situation on your own, but here’s a recent development as reported by

S.C. lawmakers say a federal investigation into a move by SCANA and Santee Cooper to abandon two partially built nuclear reactors in Fairfield County could help get to the bottom of what went wrong.

Some said news of the probe Thursday validated the efforts of S.C. Senate and House committees investigating the project’s failure, which will cost S.C. power customers billions of dollars.

Others complained SCANA executives had been evasive in legislative hearings into the $9 billion debacle. One lawmaker, a former prosecutor, predicted federal investigators will look closely at what the shareholder-owned SCANA told its investors about the outlook for the two reactors it was building.

Another welcomed the federal investigation, saying the failed project needs to be looked into by someone other than legislators, who passed a 2007 law that allowed South Carolinians to be charged for the two reactors while they were under construction.

Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, R-York, said his “greatest concern was that (SCANA) knew what was going on and did nothing to rectify the situation.”

With its customers bearing the burden of the project’s cost overruns, SCANA executives could “continue to take their bonuses, continue to raise rates, because they were at not risk,” he added.

After two contentious hearings with SCANA executives over the past week, some legislators said they are grateful that federal investigators now are involved, adding they can shine more light on what led to the project’s failure.

Read more at the link above.  There are a LOT of legislators weighing in on how HORRIBLE this is.  Many of those same legislators voted for the Base Load Review Act that put SC taxpayers on the hook for this financial debacle.

Primary season – just around the corner.  Get ready.