Unless there is a seismic change in the tactics and planning of SC activists, Lindsay Graham will be our Senator until he chooses not to be.  So we in South Carolina need to look for alternative efforts to change the U.S. Senate.  For all the effort and energy and funds and talent you would have been willing to put into a campaign to defeat Lindsay, here are 10 opportunities for you to help with.

We can all donate money and make phone calls for the Republican challengers to these 10 Democrats who are up for re-election in 2018 in states that Donald Trump won.  Perhaps you have friends/family in these states you can educate/encourage to work on the ground.  Perhaps you can take a vacation and spend a week onsite helping with these campaigns. Begin planning now!   I will watch for details on these races and provide links and direction when the time comes.

Be determined and decide now that you are going to help turn over a Senate seat in 2018.

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