The Local Government Fund is set up by South Carolina law so that when your legislators in Columbia collect taxes from  your county … and then mandate government services be provided by local government for your county … 4.5% of the taxes collected from taxpayers in your county are returned to pay for the services mandated.

So what are those services?  Here’s a list.  So when you have a conversation with  your legislator about fully funding the Local Government Fund in the 2018 state budget, these are the services that you are being taxed twice for:

Animal Shelter


Assessors (Equipment/Software)


Building Codes


Circuit Court

Medically Indigent Assistance Program

Clerk of Court

Probate Court

Court Security

Public Defender/Indigent Defense

DNA (Preservation/Storage)

Records Management

Elections and Voter Registration

Register of Deeds

Emergency Medical Services

Electronic Data Submission Regulation

Solid Waste (Collection, Disposal and


Jails – Medical Care

Storm water Management

Jails – Housing of State Inmates

Victims’ Services