We have put into motion some plans toward convincing legislators to fully fund the Local Government Fund in the 2018 budget.  We have a lot of work to do!  In response to the press conference last week, the Chairman of Ways and Means, Brian White (R) of Anderson said:

“I welcome the lawsuit. Please sue us. That way we get clarity.”

Seriously…..this is our State Government, talking to the People of Spartanburg County… “Please sue us.”

Please join the Spartanburg Tea Party for a meeting on Tuesday, November 28 at 7:00 PM at The Clock on Reidville Road. We will have a few of our councilmen there, we’ll report on what’s happened, what we’ll be doing over the winter, and some activism that everyone can participate in! (If you would like to arrive a little early there will be a group of us gathering to eat before the meeting begins.)

We also want to hear from you – what can we be doing that we haven’t thought of? Who do YOU have connections with that you are willing to reach out to and advocate to?  How do we reach 45 other counties, county councils, county GOP organizations and stakeholders?  Here’s the deal – bring a solution that YOU are willing and able to take the lead on!

See you on November 28!