Boiling Springs folks! You have some work to do … up to you to ensure your community moves forward, not backward in selecting a new County Council representative!

Four years ago, on Feb. 6, 2014, Ronald Reagan’s birthday, I announced with my family that I would campaign for County Council. Together, we launched a hard-fought race for council. Outspent 5 to 1, I was told by almost everyone that I didn’t stand a chance. Only through hard work, steadfast faith, and the commitment of a few hard-working volunteers (my family and friends), I won the race that June by 78 votes, 51% to 49%. At 26, I was the youngest councilman elected, and the first Republican millennial elected in Spartanburg County. It was a campaign for the history books, and one that helped opened the door for other millennial candidate office-holders to step up to serve our community.
District 2 is my home. As a native of Boiling Springs who has lived here my entire life, I knew I wanted to raise my family here. That’s why I wanted to ask my neighbors in District 2 for the chance to serve them – to make it a place where future generations want to call home.
It has been one of the greatest honors in my life to serve these last three years on council. I’ve had to make tough votes – decisions that will impact generations in Spartanburg County. I’ve also had some of my greatest joys in serving my friends in District 2 – from volunteering with the Carolina Miracle League to recognizing so many great students in our county to raising awareness for issues like human trafficking. This burden of public service is one that I never have taken lightly.
At this current season in my life, as a husband and a father of three wonderful children, I have made the decision not to be a candidate for elected office in 2018, including re-election to County Council. This decision did not come easy, but after much thoughtful consideration and prayer with my family, I know this is the right decision at this moment – allowing me to devote more of my time and attention to being present for my kids in this important stage of their lives.
I decided to make this announcement now to allow other candidates who may be interested to step up and begin campaigning. It is my sincere hope that our next councilman will be someone who represents a new generation and continues to look forward rather than backward.
This decision does not mean that I will be stepping away from being vocal about the important issues facing our county and our state. Spartanburg County has made significant progress, and many of my campaign promises have been met over the last three years. You will be hearing about those promises kept over the next year. I’m committed to the promise I made to my constituents to serve this final year of my term fully. We still have work to do to keep Spartanburg County the best place for this generation and those to come to live, work, learn, play and invest. Thank you all for the chance to play a part in that work for four years of my life. Let’s all do our part to keep Spartanburg County moving forward!