It’s the 2017 Reorganization Video! Starring Nate and Karen!

Nate and I have a lot of fun each cycle doing our video, he’s really the genius behind the editing, the music and the script.  I just show up, memorize my lines and nod approvingly.

We have set up a website so that everyone in Greenville and Spartanburg counties can know where they should organize on March 23, the precinct location and address.  Visit for information on precinct meetings, to view our inspiring video – and then please share it with friends and family, encouraging them to show up to have a bigger voice and a vote in the direction of their local Republican party.

Email with questions – we have 2 weeks left to fill up our precincts, getting ready to vote for county party officers at the April 22 convention!

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House Freedom Caucus press conf on Health Bill

Video provided by Cong. Mark Sanford on his Facebook page:


Posted by Congressman Mark Sanford on Tuesday, March 7, 2017



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Read the Bill

American Health Care Act.  CLICK HERE to read/download a PDF.


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the REAL Gas Tax Vote!

the other day I posted the gas tax vote … our friend Monica was kind enough to point out it was the LAST gas tax vote, not the one that happened days ago.

sigh. sometimes I just go to fast…

so CLICK HERE for the real gas tax vote.


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This week in Columbia – SC Policy Council synopsis

If you are not on the SC Policy Council email list, you SHOULD BE! You get good info like this:


  • House – Capital Needs & Bonding subcommittee (10 a.m.): Similar to last year’s bonding bill that is eerily similar to one the legislature attempted to pass in 2015.
  • Senate – Medical Affairs subcommittee (3:30 p.m. or upon adjournment): S.354 – amending Certificate of Need laws, creating & regulating crisis stabilization unit facilities


  • Senate – Labor, Commerce, and Industry (LCI) Committee, Regulatory & Local Government subcommittee (10 a.m.): S.323 – a bill making manufacturing facilities immune from nuisance suits if they are operating within the law
  • Senate – Finance Sales & Income Tax subcommittee (1 p.m.): S.404 – tax credits for agribusiness


  • Senate – LCI (9 a.m.): S.261 – a bill creating clean energy districts and allowing them to finance improvements with revenue bonds


The Senate Judiciary Committee will discuss S.324 on Tuesday. It would allow judges, magistrates, solicitors, clerks of court, and workers’ compensation commissioners to carry concealed anywhere in the state, whether they are active in their positions or retired. Current law only allows these officials to carry concealed throughout the state when they are performing the duties of their office. It is difficult to see any justification for giving public officials, whether active or retired, a special privilege denied to other citizens.

S.212 will be discussed in the Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee on Wednesday. The bill would allow cannabis to be produced and distributed by facilities to authorized patients and their caregivers for treating debilitating medical conditions. All production, distribution, purchasing, and usage would be heavily regulated by the Department of Health and Environmental Control, with strict penalties for violation. The bill also contains legal protection for anyone acting under its provision. While the regulations in the bill are burdensome, this legislation would be a step in the right direction. Medical professionals, not the state, should be the primary judges of appropriate medical treatment.

The House will have the second reading of H.3204 on Tuesday. This bill would require the Judicial Merit Selection Commission to provide a list of all qualified candidates for judgeships to be submitted to the General Assembly for election. This would change the current system in which JMSC only nominates three judges that the General Assembly can then vote on.

H. 3529 will be read a second time in the House and would require that any regulation dealing with “auxiliary containers” may only originate in the General Assembly, and would preempt counties and municipalities from establishing their own regulations for such containers, defined as bags, cups, packages etc.

The House could read H.3240 for the second time this week. It is a reciprocity bill that would require South Carolina to recognize CWPs from all other states. Visitors, under this law, must follow South Carolina’s concealed carry laws while in our state. Keeping and bearing arms is a right and not a privilege, and citizens shouldn’t require any permission from the government to exercise this right. This bill would be a step in the right direction as it allows more freedom to gun owners from out of state.

The House could debate H.3352 on Wednesday. It would create a new judicial arm under the Administrative Law Court that would oversee Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) appeals and challenges. This bill seeks to strengthen FOIA by capping both search fees and deposit requirements. The required response time to a FOIA request would also be slightly reduced by the proposed law. Yet another provision would require that public bodies make available online all documents produced by the body over the past six months.

Unlike versions of this bill from previous sessions, this version also allows citizens to challenge an agency’s determination that requested records are exempt from FOIA. This provision gives citizens another avenue to challenge the impediment of public information. Negative changes include turning FOIA violations into a civil rather than a criminal offense and allowing public bodies to seek relief from “unduly burdensome, overly broad, vague, repetitive, or otherwise improper requests.” These highly subjective terms would provide ample cover to public bodies seeking to skirt the law and, therefore, violate the entire spirit of the FOIA law.

Finally, the need for a new government office to handle these complaints is debatable, as they are currently handled well by the existing courts. It’s unclear why a new government office is needed when a citizen can already take a FOIA complaint to a court.

Who’s feeding your legislators?


  • Beer Wholesalers Association – evening reception
  • Association of Nonprofit Organizations – evening reception


  • Land Trust Network – breakfast
  • State Firefighters’ Association – lunch
  • Insurance Association – evening reception
  • Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce – evening reception


Leadership South Carolina – breakfast

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Good opportunity to learn about effective activism Monday March 13!

Want to learn how to be intentionally and successfully active as a political volunteer?


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In Our Backyards – Human Trafficking Half-day workshop April 7

A few of our friends here in Spartanburg work hard fighting local human trafficking.  If you have an interest in learning more, here is a local workshop featuring Trey Gowdy as the keynote speaker.

You can probably meet up with our friends from SWITCH and learn about volunteer opportunities.  If you would like more information than you can find at the links above, let me know and I’ll connect you with some help.

Fri, April 7, 2017

8:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

424 Westfield Street

Greenville, SC 29601

Tickets: $30

CLICK HERE to register

Keynote Speaker:
Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-4th District

Today, there are more slaves than at any other time in history. A $150 billion industry, the first step in fighting this modern-day slavery is to raise awareness. It’s not someone else’s problem—it’s in our backyard.

This half-day workshop is ideal for medical professionals, first-responders, clergy, social workers, teachers and other concerned citizens. Featuring Upstate community leaders, speakers will focus on how local children, women and men are becoming prey for human traffickers and how to assist in its eradication.

Space is limited. This workshop is available for CME credit.

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas, Elements and Policies of the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) through Bon Secours St. Francis Health, Inc.

BSSFHSI is accredited by the SCMA to provide continuing medical education for physicians. BSSFHSI designates this live activity for a maximum of 3.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Physicians should claim only credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.



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Want to watch some legislators standing up for you in Columbia?

Our friend Steve shares this with us…

Yesterday we had Jonathon Hill standing up for us against the gas tax, saying what needed to be said
to the people who are supposed to represent US.

Jonathon gave a great speech before H. 3516 got a vote. He started around 1:50 PM.
At least I think that was when he started.

Look up the House video for March 1, 2017. Advance the video about two hours and fifty
minutes to watch what he said.

Jonathon Hill tried to recall the Constitutional carry bill, H. 3700,  from
committee.  That got voted down, but the vote shows who really is pro-2nd Amendment.

Today Josiah Magnuson got his turn to stand up for our liberties.
Josiah Magnuson just gave a great list of reasons for the SC House to vote against H. 3358, the Real ID
compliance bill. He actually stood up for our Constitution and reminded all the legislators of their
oath to uphold the Constitution. It is too bad that most people will not hear all of his reasoning.

Magnuson, Hill, and Chumley were the only three to vote against the bill.  Here is the vote:

When the video gets posted for today’s House session you should watch the last twenty minutes.

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Some news from SC Carry about gun bills in Columbia

If you have not visited their Facebook page or website, please do and sign up for their email list.  SC Carry really stays on top of 2nd Amendment issues, and brings you the news so you can take action!


Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced In the South Carolina House – H.B. 3700

H.B. 3700, the “South Carolina Constitutional Carry Act of 2017”, filed by Rep. Jonathan Hill, proposes one of the most dramatic changes to South Carolina law of the bills introduced thus far in this legislative session.

South Carolina currently makes it unlawful for any person to carry a handgun, whether concealed or not, subject to a number of exceptions. See, § 16-23-20.

H.B. 3700 would add the following exception to the current list of sixteen:

“(17)    a person who is not prohibited from possessing firearms under state law, whether or not the person is a resident of the State.”

This is a very broad exception that changes existing South Carolina law by allowing permitless carry and by implication, open carry.

Concealed Weapons Permits

Note that the bill leaves in place the current exception for concealed weapons permit holders (§ 16-23-20(12)). For purposes of concealed carry in other States, most individuals that choose to carry would still want to obtain a permit.  Nonetheless, in South Carolina, a permit would not be required to carry a handgun under the new provision.

The bill eliminates the requirement that permit holders notify law enforcement that they have a CWP and are carrying a handgun as is presently required when asked for identification.

Also, the bill adds a requirement that SLED recognize any permit held by a citizen of another State.

(N)(1)    Valid out-of-state permits to carry concealable weapons held by a resident of a reciprocal another must be honored by this State, provided, that the reciprocal state requires an applicant to successfully pass a criminal background check and a course in firearm training and safety.

By essentially granting national reciprocity this provision would expand South Carolina permit holders’ carry rights in other States.

Open Carry

Unless “otherwise prohibited by law”, the exceptions contained in § 16-23-20 trump the general rule that one may not carry a handgun “whether concealed or not”.  The new (17) noted above overrides the general rule in favor of anyone, whether resident of not, so long as not prohibited from possessing firearms (e.g., a felon).

Thus, the new provision elevates the carry rights of the civilian in our State to open or concealed carry.  Granted, other Code provisions limit that right, such as on school grounds, public buildings, etc.  The new default rule, however, would be that open or concealed carry is legal.


Banned Carry Locations

The bill preserves the right of property owners to ban carry, providing that:

“(B)    Unless a person first obtains authorization to possess a handgun from a person with the apparent authority to grant it, nothing in subsection (A)(17) authorizes carrying of a handgun into any location prohibited under Section 23-31-215(M).”

Other Provisions

The bill would add handguns to the exceptions in Section 16-23-460’s prohibition forbidding “carrying a deadly weapon usually used for the infliction of personal injury concealed about his person . . .”  As amended, the statute would read:

“(C)    The provisions of this section also do not apply to handguns, rifles, shotguns, dirks, slingshots, metal knuckles, knives, or razors unless they are used with the intent to commit a crime or in furtherance of a crime.”

Likewise, any person permitted by (A)(17) could carry a handgun in an automobile in permissible locations, not just CWP holders as under current law.


The South Carolina House has been favorable to expanding carry rights in the past and will likely support this bill if constituents make their support for the bill clear to lawmakers.  At present the bill has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

The Judiciary Committee is chaired by Representative F. Gregory “Greg” Delleney, Jr.  His contact information may be found here:

Other members of the House Judiciary Committee are listed here:

Assuming the bill passes in the House, it will have to garner enough support to pass in the Senate which has been difficult for such proposals in the past.  Aside from the usual opponents of carry rights, the bill will also have to compete for attention at a time when other issues are pressing such as solutions to fix the road problems in South Carolina.  Though not impossible, it will take sustained and widespread grassroots support to see this bill to enactment.

New Developments

Since the introduction of H.B. 3700, Senator Martin filed S. 449 in the South Carolina Senate which is also called “The South Carolina Constitutional Carry Act of 2017”.  The provisions of this bill differ from H.B. 3700.  S. 449 will be analyzed in an upcoming bulletin.

Get Involved

Please encourage your representatives to stand with us this year in fighting for Second Amendment rights.   If you have not already, join us and please visit our website for volunteer opportunities.  This year the Bloomberg gun control fanatics have once again succeeded in getting several gun control measures introduced such as a ban on “assault weapons”.

People like you signing petitions, making phone calls, and donating generously are the reason we can fight back against the gun grabbers and protect the Second Amendment.  We cannot do it without you.

 Roy F. Harmon III

South Carolina Carry, Inc.

 To help South Carolina Carry grow, please forward this to a friend!
South Carolina Carry Inc.

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“Spirit of America” Picnic and Rally Saturday


Great family friendly rally – bring the kids and the grand-kids!



Please join us for the “Spirit of America” Picnic and Rally as we celebrate all that makes our community and country great! There will be games and activites for the chldren, food, music, and some great speakers. So don’t miss out. Grab a blanket or a lawn chair (no tents or private grills please), the family and even the family dog (!) for a fun afternoon in the park.

Gates open half an hour before the event. Restroom facilities available.

Please click HERE to register!


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please direct your questions to

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Directions from Laurens Rd. (Hwy 276): Turn east onto Verdae Blvd. toward the Embassy Suites Hotel. Then turn left onto Rocky Slopes Rd. Continue half a mile until you reach the park.

Directions from Woodruff Rd.: Turn west onto Verdae Bldvd toward the Embassy Suites Hote, then turn right onto Rocky Slopes Rd. Continue half a mile until you reach the park.

Ample designated parking available

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