Dog Tag Furniture

Saw this guy on Fox News Friday.  So touched.  Let’s help make him so busy he has to hire on! Visit to see what he creates.  Perhaps use some of the money you’d budgeted for NFL games!

Army Veteran Creates Art To Ease Pain of Military Suicides

In a town with America in its name, Troy Walker has turned his garage and driveway into a patriotic workshop. It’s there in Norwood Young America that he creates wooden flag art. Walker, a 10-year Army veteran, saws lumber for about an hour a day – cutting down the wood he uses to create stained red, white and blue flags to sell online.

“Before and after each flag, I pray that God gives me enough strength to make another one,” he said.

Walker himself served in the Army for 10 years. And after his tank unit returned home, a close friend from the service took his own life. “22 veterans a day that commit suicide,” Walker said. “He became a statistic.”

So earlier this year, Walker started making wood flags and cutting boards to raise money to help cover the cost of a funeral for families of veterans who took their own lives. It’s needed, since the government gives only $300 dollars for expenses. “It was supposed to be a one-time deal,” Walker said. “It’s repeated five more times. I’ve buried six more friends.”

Walker said he’s sold 100 flags and given the money raised to help other military families who have learned about his work.


Walker makes about five wood flags a day while also running his furniture business. “They didn’t die of suicide, they succumbed to their battle wounds, plain and simple,” Walker said.

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Possible federal investigation into SCANA and Santee Cooper

You are probably keeping up with this situation on your own, but here’s a recent development as reported by

S.C. lawmakers say a federal investigation into a move by SCANA and Santee Cooper to abandon two partially built nuclear reactors in Fairfield County could help get to the bottom of what went wrong.

Some said news of the probe Thursday validated the efforts of S.C. Senate and House committees investigating the project’s failure, which will cost S.C. power customers billions of dollars.

Others complained SCANA executives had been evasive in legislative hearings into the $9 billion debacle. One lawmaker, a former prosecutor, predicted federal investigators will look closely at what the shareholder-owned SCANA told its investors about the outlook for the two reactors it was building.

Another welcomed the federal investigation, saying the failed project needs to be looked into by someone other than legislators, who passed a 2007 law that allowed South Carolinians to be charged for the two reactors while they were under construction.

Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope, R-York, said his “greatest concern was that (SCANA) knew what was going on and did nothing to rectify the situation.”

With its customers bearing the burden of the project’s cost overruns, SCANA executives could “continue to take their bonuses, continue to raise rates, because they were at not risk,” he added.

After two contentious hearings with SCANA executives over the past week, some legislators said they are grateful that federal investigators now are involved, adding they can shine more light on what led to the project’s failure.

Read more at the link above.  There are a LOT of legislators weighing in on how HORRIBLE this is.  Many of those same legislators voted for the Base Load Review Act that put SC taxpayers on the hook for this financial debacle.

Primary season – just around the corner.  Get ready.

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Campaign School in Greenville October 21

Campaign School will take place Saturday October 21 in Greenville, sponsored by The Upstate Conservative Coalition (Anderson, Greenville, Laurens, Pickens, Spartanburg). Please attend if you are considering running for office, if you would like to learn how to manage campaigns and create a winning campaign strategy, if you are interested in using your talents as a campaign volunteer. We’ll provide practical training (paperwork, ethics reports, finance reporting, voter list usage) as well as sharing local examples of winning strategies, and helping you plan for a successful primary campaign.



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Spartanburg GOP ExComm meeting recap

Info filled meeting last night, here are a few highlights:

On Saturday September 23 there will be a phone bank in support of candidate Mike Fowler, House District 31 – special election to be held Tuesday 9/26.  Please come volunteer at Dickies BBQ on Highway 9,  at 9:00 AM.  There will also be a sign wave at noon on Monday, corner of Main St. and Pine St.

October 13 – Clay Shoot event, fundraiser for Spartanburg GOP and Sheriff’s Benevolent Fund.  CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND REGISTRATION.  Additional details to come.  You must bring your own weapon, shotgun only.  The officer team has been working hard to make this a success, so far $14,000 in sponsor fees have been secured!

The Spartanburg Young Republicans continue to grow. They have meetings the 3rd Tuesday of the month, contact Joshua Strange for more information.  Outreach has begun to local colleges.

Campaign school is being planned and will take place on the first Saturday of December. An outline will be emailed around shortly.

The officers have decided to let the storage facility go, the party has spent approximately $4,800 to keep a climate controlled unit over the past few years.  Items were available for silent auction last night, with remaining items headed to charity.

The executive committed voted to pursue action, perhaps in the form of a resolution, to take a strong stand on the issue of the Local Government Fund.  The Spartanburg Tea Party has been very vocal on the LGF, see just a few of our MANY previous posts here, here, here, here, and here. A team will be put together to pursue further action. At this point over $30 million dollars that BY LAW was intended to come back to Spartanburg County has been retained in Columbia, and legislators, including many in our Spartanburg delegation are okay with that. Thank goodness for good folks like Senator Shane Martin and Rep. Bill Chumley who have fought for that money over the years.




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Public Service Commissioner Screenings Suspended Indefinitely

One of the biggest stories in SC this summer is the abandonment of the power plant, the loss of over 5,000 jobs as a result, and the more than $9 BILLION dollars wasted.  Now, legislators have been holding hearings – most of the same legislators who approved the Base Load Review in the first place. Typical South Carolina.

Also typical? The cover up.  The screening process for the Public Service Commission (PSC), the board that regulates the state’s private utilities, has been suspended “until further notice.”

Perhaps you will call your representatives in Columbia and ask them about this.

As reported by Hannah Hill and Bryce Feidler at

The PSC is a central player in the recently abandoned V.C. Summer nuclear construction project, and had primary control of the project’s approval at every stage of the process.

The PSC members are screened and nominated by the Public Utilities Review Committee (PURC) before being elected by the General Assembly. The PURC is a ten-member board, half of which is selected by the Senate judiciary chairman and half by the House speaker. The board is comprised mostly of legislators.

This year’s PSC screening process started on June 23 of this year when vacancies for seats 2, 4 and 6 were announced. The candidates were announced on August 11.

Then, on August 25, a one-sentence notice was published on the State House website announcing that the statutory screening process had been suspended. There was no other information given.

In response to the Nerve’s inquiries, a staffer for the Senate Judiciary Committee said that the process had been suspended “to allow the respective [House and Senate investigatory committees] to do their work” and that conducting the PSC screening process simultaneously would be “redundant.”

The staffer confirmed that the intent is still to hold PSC elections in February, which means the PURC will have to hold public hearings for the PSC candidates at some point per state law.

For the past several weeks, special House and Senate committees have held hearings to investigate the abandoned nuclear construction project and history. Utility executives and representatives from the Office of Regulatory Staff – the agency assigned to represent ratepayers in PSC proceedings – have both appeared before the committees. PSC members have yet to testify.

The members of the PURC have not been called to testify regarding their role, which included overseeing the PSC and ORS as well as screening and nominating the PSC members and ORS executive director. The PURC had statutory authority to conduct any studies or evaluations deemed necessary, and conducted annual performance reviews for both agencies.

But as five of the six legislative members of PURC are also on the legislative energy committees, it seems unlikely that they will be called to testify.

When asked who authorized the suspension of the statutorily-mandated screening process, the Senate judiciary staffer replied that it was the PURC chairman.

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Spartanburg GOP Executive Committee meeting Thursday!

These meetings are open to everyone! come see what our local party is doing and planning.

Attention all Executive Committeeman!

This is a reminder of our quarterly EC Meeting on September 21st at 6:30 PM at the Spartanburg County Council Chambers! Registration will begin at 6 PM and the meeting will begin promptly at 6:30. This meeting is open to all registered Republicans. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Additionally, since the county GOP office has closed, the party has been paying for a storage unit to house the office furniture and signs that were retained.  The cost is $120/month, or $1,440 per year.  We’ve had the unit for approximately 4 years, so we have paid over $5,000 in rent to store these items.  As part of our strategic plan, we will not be reopening the office here in Spartanburg County. This brings to question what we should do with the storage unit and the items within. To that end, we have decided to eliminate the storage unit and hold a silent auction for the items in the storage unit at our next EC Meeting! These are things ranging from desks, tables, shelves, filing cabinets, old campaign yard signs, to the large wooden sign.

This will give the people who want these items the chance to take them with them.  It will also help the county party by raising some funds, and allowing us to save the $120 per month that we were spending on the storage unit.  Any items not taken will be donated to charity.

Thank you for your understanding and your service to the Spartanburg County Republican Party!

864-409-SGOP (7467)

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Ben Shapiro at Berkeley!

Here is Ben Shapiro’s speech last night at Berkeley.  Because the video runs from about the time the venue begins seating (or something), move forward to 33 minutes for Ben’s introduction.


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CWP class

The local Masonic Club is putting on a CWP class, it’s open to the public.

On Oct 21, 2017 the AFM Club of Spartanburg will be hosting a CWP Class at Top Gun Shooting in Boiling Springs, SC.

Time: 730am

Cost: $35 per person

Location: Top Gun Shooting 557 Seay Rd, Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Class Capacity: 34
Please bring your pistol, box of 50 rounds, eye and ear protection. If you currently do not a firearm Top Gun Shooting can provide up to 8 pistols with ammunition for an additional $15 per person.


Please contact Jeff Honeycutt to signup for the class.
Phone: 864-809-0866


This is open to anyone wishing to get a South Carolina CWP

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Special Election coming up September 26 for House District 31!

According to SHJ:

A special election will be held Sept. 26 to fill the state House District 31 seat recently vacated by state Rep. Harold Mitchell.

After 13 years in the South Carolina Legislature, the Democratic lawmaker decided to resign for health reasons. He had previously been granted a medical leave in April.

The filing period for the seat opens at noon May 26 and closes June 3, according to Henry Laye, Spartanburg County Registration and Elections director.

The primaries are over and we head to special election on September 26.  Mike Fowler is running on the Republican ticket, you can visit his website here.  If you can help out – volunteering, talking to your neighbors, you know the drill – contact Mike via his website!  He’s an Army veteran and small business guy – it would be great to have another Republican from Spartanburg in Columbia!



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Bug Out Bag Class Sunday 9/17

Have you wanted to learn how to put together a bug out bag ? (a bag you stash in your car or closet that you can grab and go if you have to get out of your house in an emergency – what you need to survive for a week).

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have our minds on “what if…?” and a bug out bag gives you a lot of surety in a potentially nerve wracking situation. I’m going to host a small class led by my friend Brian Adams Sunday afternoon 9/17 here in Spartanburg. No charge, just a good neighborly thing. email – Message me on Facebook or call me 864.384.7558 to get on the list and get details!

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